Amy Drunkenly Met the Two Girls and Got Herself in Some Trouble

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How Amy Witnessed Two Girls Hooking Up in Her Apartment Building’s Lane Way Continued Third part

38-year-old married working mum Amy from Sydney had her wishes spectacularly come true a second time when she saw the two girls hooking up outside her kitchen window again. It gave her a powerful imagination to play around in her head, but Amy never thought she would be able to join in on the fun.

Since the last time Amy saw the girls, more weeks went by without action. This time she was less worried as the first two hook ups were strong enough to fulfill her desires and she had less pent up sexual frustration. A change in her already happened, she just had to find out what to do with it.

Almost a month later, Amy still had not seen the girls outside on the nights she checked. She decided to forget about it for a couple of days. And luckily, a close friend’s birthday celebration was coming up on a weekend she would be home alone. Her husband was going along as a supervisor on a camping trip organized through her kids’ school and they would be away from the Friday until Sunday night.

Amy would miss them, of course, but could have an extra good time that Friday night celebrating with her friend. They lined up a girl’s night for it and planned to drink at a rooftop bar for cocktails.

It was rare for Amy to have a girls’ night AND for it to be so carefree. Usually she would have worries lingering in the back of her mind about if the dinner fulfilled everyone or if the kids were put to bed and being looked after. With that night’s home alone feeling Amy managed to pause all those worries for a couple of hours and enjoyed herself thoroughly.

The celebratory vibe in the group, the atmosphere of the rooftop bar and its view, the respectful attention they were getting from the people around them and drinking without a worry – it brought Amy back to her younger days. She wanted to continue having a great time when everyone else wanted to go home at 10 PM.

She had to keep reminding herself the others were not home alone and therefore could not have as much fun as she could that night. Although the feeling of ending a great buzz early was disappointing.

After everyone said goodbye, Amy managed to buy a 4-pack of apple cider cans from a pub with a shop before closing time and made her way to a nearby bus stop. Amy justified the ciders would keep her more company at home.

Luckily, the bus turned up moments after Amy to take her on a short trip of stops along the way home. And even more luckily, two stops after she got on Amy noticed two familiar faces boarding and sat together in the last remaining available row sideways across. The two girls – Oh my god! Amy blew her own mind.

One of the girls glanced at Amy as they sat down in their seats. It prompted Amy to act normal but panicked her on the inside. You technically don’t know them, look away! – she repeated to herself multiple times.

As the bus went along its route, Amy pretended to be looking either outside or on her phone. But she also kept paying attention to when the coast was clear for a direct look. And luckily, the inside of the bus windows also reflected enough to provide Amy with an image of them.

Amy wondered if one of the girls wore the same skirt and top from the first night she saw them, it looked very similar and revealing. The other girl wore the black jeans and light jacket combination. Amy was captivated by how attractive both girls looked up close and thought they were probably going back home too after a night out with friends. Or maybe a date night between them. But on the bus, they were both on their phones and did not interact that much.

Just as Amy reached for the stop signal, she locked eyes again with the girl in the jeans. It was a cute stare that Amy returned with a friendly smile.

When the bus pulled over at her stop, Amy noticed the two girls also got up and walked off the bus in front of her. She nervously tapped off with her card and put it back in her wallet outside while the bus pulled away. From a short distance she saw the girls walked in the same direction as she was headed.

Amy nervously clutched her bag of ciders and tried to follow them in a way that was not creepy. Keeping a safe distance a normal stranger would do.

The more careful she tried to be, the closer she seemed to get to the two girls. Amy watched them go into the same lane way as hers, and once around the corner saw the girls standing still in the middle of the lane way’s intersection. She knew she had to pass them and braced herself to not appear tipsy in case she had to say hello.

“Hey! Sorry, have you got a light?” The girl in the black jeans directly asked Amy as she approached.

Amy noticed both girls turned to her, one of them holding a packet of smokes. She wanted to start off on the right foot with them and felt a strong urge to be cool. Amy had to think fast to reply with something but calmly and confidently answered –

“Yeah, mind if I also have one? I’m having a great night, and this would be a great way to finish.” Amy replied. She surprised herself with how quickly she came up with it.

The girls gave each other a cheeky look, with a mischievous smile that was still bordering on the innocent side.

“Sure, would you mind sharing your drink? A puff for a drink and we all win.” The girl in the jeans playfully negotiated.

“Deal.” Amy quickly replied.

“Come, follow me. We have a little spot nearby that’s perfect for a smoke. You live here?” The girl instructed and asked Amy to strike a conversation. The other girl in the skirt remained silent for the most part but occasionally gave Amy a friendly glance.

Amy followed and vaguely answered their question that she lived in the area. She immediately asked similar questions in return to find out more about them. Their energy started off the right way and Amy successfully met them for the first time even though

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Notes 38-year-old Amy from Sydney thought she was lucky to see two girls hooking up outside her window on two separate occasions. The fun really started though, when she had the chance to meet the girls in the lane way. But how far could Amy go, without getting herself in trouble?
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