One of my ex's who came back from Texas

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It was the summer of 2010 and i was waiting for Samantha (my girlfriend at that time ) to come back from Texas when she came back from visiting her dad she called me and told me to come pick her up from her grandma's apartment , when she saw me pull up in my 85 chevy Silverado she got excited and happy to see me she gave me a big hug and a French kiss and so we drove back to my house and we laid in my bed and held each other tightly in our arms and talked about how much we missed each other and while continuing to hold and French kiss each other she looked me dead in my eyes and said Tomorrow we're gonna Have Sex and i told her i can't wait and i begin to run my fingers down her pants and proceed to play with her Pussy she gasped and moaned a little bit but my mom was in the other room so i did it real slow and then proceeded to stop cuz i had to take her back home . the Next day I picked her up from her grandma's apartment , I didn't get any sleep that night because i was so Sexcited , when i opened the door she had a really pretty white dress on and she had her make up done , i forgot to mention she wore glasses and that was unfathomably a HUGE turn on for me she got playfully upset because i kept drifting in and out of sleep but i woke up with a smile on my face so we drove back to my house and we slowly took each other's clothes off and French kissed each other and i stuck my fingers inside her Pussy and made her moan and as she kissed me she told me to lay down and she got on top of me and i put my dick inside her Pussy and she begin to ride me up and down and as she's riding me i squeeze and lick her Titties as she's bouncing up and down on my dick , keep in mind this was the 2nd or 3rd time i had sex with her and i got alot better at it i can tell because of the way she was moaning in my face and it made me want to Fuck her harder and that's when she begin to look me deep in my eyes and that turned me on even more in the back of my mind om thinking god i would love for her to be my wife , she rode me so good that when i cummed i squirted all over her arm and some of it landed on my stomach , she looked me in my eyes and said I love you to death and i told her i loved her more and the went into the shower together and French kissed each other my mom was at work that day so we had sex 2 more times that day and it was amazing .

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Cargado February 25, 2020
Notes One of my ex's who came back from Texas
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