Fat Bottomed Girls Make the World Go Round

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I used to like slender women with small, tight buttocks when I was a younger man. But then I was an idiot when I was young. I looked up from my screen as movement caught my eye. Emma was back from the gym. She walked across the doorway to my home office as she headed upstairs. I couldn’t help noticing she was wearing only her underwear.

I’d only caught a passing glimpse of Emma, but it was enough to see black underwear pulled tight across the curve of a thick, full buttock before she passed out of view. It was enough to derail my train of thought, to shatter my concentration. I looked back down at my work, but I couldn’t remember what I was doing. Emma had that effect on me.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get back into my writing. I could hear the running water of the shower upstairs, it set my mind to wandering, to conjuring mental images of Emma naked in there. I pictured water cascading over her body, running down her back and across the rise and swell of her behind in thick rivulets.

Emma isn’t small and slender back there. Her buttocks are thick and heavy and curved in a way that speaks directly to a deep, primal part of my brain. To the instinctive, animal part of me. Her arse fills her jeans magnificently, it rolls as she walks with rhythmic sways of her hips. Emma’s derrière is full and muscular, but there’s a softness to it too, a mesmerising feminine suppleness when I hold her in both hands.

The sound of the shower running cut off. I heard Emma sliding the panel door back to get out and dry herself. I couldn’t stop dreaming about her naked up there, about the curves of her hips, her thighs, her full breasts. I heard her footsteps heading to the bedroom. I wasn’t going to get any work done now. I got up from my desk.

Emma’s wet towel was on the bed, she was already wearing fresh underwear when I walked in on her. She had one leg in her jeans, her back to me, her bent bottom caught my attention. Emma looked up at me and smiled her gorgeous smile as I moved closer. I bent my head and kissed her neck, I ran a hand down her back, my fingers traced over the warm skin of a buttock half covered by her white, cotton knickers.

“You’re supposed to be working,” Emma said, half as a question.

“I can’t concentrate.”

Emma grinned at me as I moved around to face her. The look in her eye said she had some idea of what I was after. She stopped dressing; she left her jeans half on. I took her hand and placed it against the front of my jeans.


It took Emma a moment to understand what I was pressing her hand into. I saw realisation dawn as her eyes and her grin widened. Emma tightened her fingers around my hot, throbbing cock, but she shook her head at me.

“I can’t. I’m meeting Jess for coffee,” she said. “If I don’t leave soon, I’ll be late.”

“Jess won’t mind waiting.” I pressed Emma’s fingers into me more firmly.

Emma held my gaze, she started to move her hand, rubbing me back and forth slowly, enough that it felt good, enough that it made me want more.

“Jess is always late anyway,” I said. I wrapped my arms around Emma, I pulled her into me, my lips found hers.

The softness of Emma’s mouth, the heat of her breath as our lips came open, the touch of her tongue against mine, it made me throb all the harder. The smell of her skin, the shampoo in her drying hair washed over me. Emma squeezed my dick harder, but she broke our kiss.

“I can’t. You know I hate being late.”

I knew Emma was teasing me now though. The look on her grinning face, the way she pressed her body into mine, the way she was rubbing me, Emma knew exactly what she was doing. She was enjoying herself. She was going to be late.

I reached around Emma’s back as we kissed once more, I popped her bra open and pulled it away from her chest. Emma didn’t stop me. She dropped her arms to let her bra fall to the floor.

My hands traced across the smooth skin of Emma’s shoulders and chest without any conscious thought to guide them. Emma sighed into my lips as my fingers skimmed over her heavy breasts, she shivered as my fingertips met her stiff nipples. Emma groaned as I closed my hands around the fullness of her, she kissed me with growing need as I rolled her nipples under my thumbs.

Tension spread out from my cock, through my lower stomach as we kissed and moaned together, as Emma rubbed me faster. I ran a hand down Emma’s back, I pushed her half-on jeans down and grasped her through the back of her knickers. I felt the shape of her, the heft of her buttocks, her soft skin, the curve beneath where her bottom met her thighs that made my blood pump hotter.

Emma groaned as I touched her there, she knew what it did to me, she loved how much she turned me on. She pulled my own jeans open, she shoved them down off my hips, my underwear with them, her fingers wrapped around my prick. My whole body jerked with pleasure as her hand began to slide back and forth. I felt hot all over, dizzy with need. Just a glimpse of Emma in her underwear had grasped my attention, now I had her in my arms, I was aching for her.

“We can’t do this,” Emma said between kisses. “I really am going to be late.” She didn’t stop tugging on me though, she didn’t stop moaning and kissing me.

“Don’t stop,” I groaned. “Please don’t stop.” Not now I had her glorious arse in my hands, please not now.

Emma’s grinned a wicked grin as our lips came back together. She kissed me urgently, and I knew she wasn’t going to stop me now, she just wanted me to plead, she wanted to hear how much I needed her. She wanted to make it absolutely clear the power she had over me.

I held Emma’s magnificent behind with both hands, I lifted and spread her cheeks as I dug my fingers into them. Emma groaned louder to urge me on, I pulled her knickers down, Emma wriggled her hips to get herself out of them and then my hands were on her naked flesh and there was no stopping me.

We moaned loader as we kissed, I

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Notes Emma's in a rush to go out, but now he's got her glorious big arse in his hands, there's no stopping him.
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