Becoming My Mafia Step-Daddy's Fucktoy Chapter 01

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I woke up to the feeling of a warm, wet mouth engulfing my cock. I smirked and relaxed again, letting it bob up and down on my generous length. Just what I needed after the shit day I had the day before, talking in circles with obtuse Russians.

I remembered going to bed alone, but even so, I had an inkling about who might have the courage to take such liberties with my person. The list of possible names wasn't long. In fact, there was only one woman in this godforsaken place with whom I had once been so close that she would think she could get away with it. Rose, my wife’s younger sister.

But the keyword here being once, I knew I would have to put her in her place. She stood no chance of becoming the second Mrs.Changretta.

After she finished what she started first, of course.

"I missed starting my days like this," I sighed and stared at a ceiling I hadn't seen in seven years. It was bringing back memories. That long tongue was bringing back memories too. "There's no way a day that starts this good can end badly."

The warm mouth was replaced by a firm hand and I grit my teeth. The sensation was hardly the same.
"Train one of your many adoring women fans to give head, problem solved. Or use those sex slaves I hear you’ve been training to sell. You have so many of them, one has to be suitable to your tastes."

I reached out a hand to lower her head back down on my cock. Her mouth had better uses than speaking nonsense. "My slaves are just that. Sex slaves for sale. They exist to contribute to my bank account, I don’t stick my cock in just anyone’s mouth, you know?”


She was trying her best, I could tell, but she was incredibly out of practice. It was taking her too long to finish me off and I was growing annoyed. I pushed her head down hard and held her there. She gagged around my cock and what her muscles were doing to me was finally a step in the right direction. I pumped myself in and out of her throat while she slapped and clawed at my thighs, her face beet red, her lungs desperate for air. I tried to focus on the sensations, but I eventually released her. I wasn't in a sadistic mood and I wasn't going to cum with her struggling like that. I loved roughing things up, but this felt like rape and that… I did not do.

What a disappointment.

I yanked her up by her lush hair and shoved her to the side of the bed in anger and I glared. "Why start something you know you can't finish?"

She stared right back at me, equally angry, wiping saliva and precum off her chin and panting hard, as if she had forgotten how I was like. This is why I never considered her for a wife, she was a lousy fuck.

"You haven't changed at all. Still a fucking asshole."

"That stings," I mocked. "What am I going to do with this now?" I looked at my erection.

"Fuck you, jerk off for all I care!"

As defiant as she had just been with me, Rose jumped off the bed when she saw I was getting off it myself. Good, she was still afraid of me.

"I don't suppose you're willing to bend over for me now, are you? Ass or cunt, whichever is fine with me."

"Charming. A hard-on won't kill you."

"They're going easy on you here. Unmarried and unwilling to get fucked. You grew claws. I'll remember this," I warned.

I was going to marry her off to a pervert for this, someone who’d make her scream my name for me, if she didn’t do something to appease me and soon.

"You were choking me, what did you want me to do?"

"To take it like your sister would have," I said and it was as if I had slapped her.

Rose had always been jealous of Delilah, her sister and my wife. While Rose had boundaries and ethics, Delilah was like my missing half. She’d eagerly join me in any and all depravities.

Realizing her mistake in making me angry, she climbed on the bed again and spread her legs. In nature, animals showed their submission by revealing their soft spots: neck, bellies. I could read it on her face, she knew she had been careless with her true self. She owed me so much. Even if I wasn't physically there, my preference for her cunt afforded her a measure of safety few other things could. She did not want to lose me.

"I'll try harder next time, Master," she begged.

I would grant her mercy. One last time.

I nodded and moved between her thighs and entered her with a hard thrust. She yelped, but didn't complain about my savage pace. She was taking it like the good girl she was supposed to be. She had craved that praise from me once and I supposed she still did, even now. She was no one’s whore, used but not kept and I could tell she saw me as her depraved salvation. Alas… she was not the one for me. She would suffice for a fuck or two, but I craved something better, purer… something closer to home.

I closed my eyes against my own thoughts. I couldn’t let myself think of her. Not now. Not ever. She was fucking pure and innocent. She was forbidden, Carlotta. She was my own fucking daughter.

Whereas this one, the one I could take over and over again? Shit. Rose clearly wasn't doing it for me anymore. I grunted in frustration and flipped her onto her stomach. I thrust into her ass and held her still. Something had to make me cum, I was too tightly wound, like a coil, and I needed release. Luckily for her, this tighter hole was where I finally spilled myself. I pressed Rose against the mattress, mirroring the need to suppress the images floating in my mind. Inside my head, I had cummed in Carlotta’s hole and it made me feel ashamed.

"Good girl," I said and smacked her ass to signal her she could get lost now.
Rose climbed off my bed and I watched her put on a yellow dress that really didn't suit her. All my advice, always wasted on this one, from sex to fashion.

I sighed. "If you want this to end, say it." She looked at me like she didn't understand what I meant. "I'll still protect you, but you don't have to suck my cock from now on. Or do anything."

"I came to loo

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Written by Stasia Grey
Cargado December 29, 2020
Notes A mafia don lusts after his virgin step-daughter
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