I Look Hot Giving Head & Tossing Salad!

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I’ve been getting a lot of sex related questions recently, and I wanted to answer some of them here rather than just replying directly to those asking for advice because I’m sure that many women and men have the same questions but are too shy to ask.

Question 1) “I’m 23 years old and have only given a handful of blow jobs in my life and I met a guy that I really like and I want to give him the best bj ever, but I’m scared that I look stupid AF while giving blow jobs. What should I do to make him think I look super hot while giving him head?” – Tina

Honestly Tina, this guy will think you look super hot as soon as he sees his dick jammed in your mouth, so don’t worry about how things look to him, what you want to focus on is how you use your hands while sucking on this dudes cock.

Make sure to use both hands in opposite twisting motions while you slob up and down on his lucky big dick. Guys love bad blow jobs just as much as really great blow jobs, so DO NOT waste too much time over thinking things. And if you like this guy you should ask him how he likes getting his dick sucked while it’s down your throat.

I found a really great blow job video tutorial that every woman should watch if they want to give an amazing bj. I placed a link to the tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Question 2) “My boyfriend really wants me to lick his butt hole because I always make him eat my ass before we have sex, but I really don’t want to participate in ass licking because I’ve been doing his laundry ever since we moved in together and his underwear always looks like he’s been sitting on a brownie all day long and I don’t want to embarrass him. Should I tell him why I don’t feel comfortable licking his butt hole, or should I just be a good girlfriend and eat his ass hoping I won’t get a mouthful of skid marks?” – Kelly

Please, please, please, please, please show this guy his Calvin Klein’s the next time he asks you to eat his ass and say “do I really need to tell you why I won’t”, and then maybe buy him a potty training book so he can learn how to wipe his ass.

I also love getting my ass eaten, but I will never lick a dudes ass because I never know how clean his ass is, and I will never take that chance. It’s just a fact, or maybe even science, but women just have cleaner asses than men.

Also, why do you have to give him a rim job just because he eats your ass first? Tell him to chill out and eat your ass again the next time he asks you to toss his dirty salad.

Well I hope I’ve been of some help to both Tina and Kelly, but if anyone has some advice on their questions please feel free to tell me and I’ll pass your wisdom along to them!

And if you have any sex, or dating, related questions for me please ask away and I’ll do my best answering them.

A Little Bit of Information About Myself..

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