Harley proves just how hot he is, date #2

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I made sure I was the one who was early. I Managed to grab one of the few tables, a few minutes before 2pm, they set up outside. It was a glorious sunny day, for once not a cloud to put a blemish on the azure blue sky. I was still going over Harley’s final words to me when I called him to set up this date. He’d said “Don’t forget to bring an overnight bag, I’ve sorted us a couple of rooms down near Big Sur.” He’d definitely said “a couple of rooms”, hadn’t he? I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed at his discretion or his gentlemanish-ness, if such a word exists! Either way, the butterflies started immediately I saw him approaching. “I see you’ve brought a bag, excellent”. He kissed me on both cheeks and then directly on the lips. I shivered. “Are you cold?” “No, it’s fine, I’m good”, I fidgeted with the menu to hide my emotions. Yep, I still thought he was hot, I stopped my lascivious mind from imagining anything else, this was a public place for heaven’s sake!

We ordered a couple of their Classic Hot Chocolates and chatted about our weeks while we drank them. It’s not something you can do quickly, they’re sooo rich! Harley’s week sounded much more exciting than mine, he’d been up to Seattle to “chat” with some tech guys about a potential investment while all I had to offer was a couple of days temping for one of the agencies I’d registered with. I’d been looking forward to seeing Harley again, I was intrigued to find out more about him, and I admit it, I wondered what he looked like, minus his clothes. Was that bad of me?

After our drinks we went for a walk up and down the wharf, arm in arm, my bag slung casually over his broad shoulder, my head sometimes resting against the other shoulder. I was very happy, happy there and then and excited about what the future might hold. As if he was in-sync with my thoughts Harley turned to me, “Let’s hit the beach. Get out of the city, breathe some fresh air”. I was up for that, and a whole lot more! I don’t know what I was expecting transport wise but I suppose I should have guessed, With a name like his it just had to be, and sure enough it was, a gleaming black Harley Davison. Harley opened one of the paniers and removed a pair of matching crash helmets, my bag replaced them.

I hadn’t been on a motorbike for years, one of my early college boyfriends had a Norton and used to whizz me around the countryside on the back of it. This however was a different league, the bike was so much more substantial, the seats were so much more comfortable, and it just seemed more laid back, the support behind me would allow me to relax. I wouldn’t need to hang on for dear life, unless I chose to, of course. But hey, let’s play it cool for a while. The electric starter whirred and the low rumble of the 1200cc engine burbled into life. As I settled into my seat I could feel it sending a gentle vibration up the frame and through the seat, into my body. I liked that. Harley “mounted” (is that the correct word?) the bike, even with the luxury seating his arse was still between my thighs, his broad straight back seemed to block a lot of my forward view. I didn’t care, I put my arms around him and he gunned the throttle. The bike surged away from the kerb, the power was impressive, the change in level of vibrations running through me equally impressive.

The intercom in the helmets allowed Harley to give me a running commentary as we headed out of the city and towards route 1. He said that a walk on the beach, the sea was way too cold to swim in, followed by a bbq where we could watch the sunset might be nice. I said that that sounded great, he could have said a stroll in a mall followed by a McDonald’s and I would probably have been just as happy, as long as I got to hug him and feel those arms wrapped around me. The bike seemed to eat up the road. Soon we passed through Half Moon Bay and were heading on towards Monterey, Harley said that Carmel was going to be the first stop, apparently it was ok now as Clint was no longer mayor, more relaxed.

Harley parked up at Carmel Beach and hopped off the bike. He offered me a hand and I managed to peel myself off the warm leather seats with as much decorum as I could muster. Stowing the helmets and locking the bike involved a bit of fiddling around but soon we were walking on the clean white sand. I kicked off my shoes and ran towards the foaming surf. But only as far as the very edge, “It’s freezing!” “I did warn you”, Harley laughed at my discomfort. I kicked water at him, failing miserably and causing him to laugh even more. He had a wonderful, free, and full, laugh, it matched the sound his bike made, well almost!

As we walked on the beach Harley told me a bit about his childhood, how his parents used to bring the kids here for picnics on a regular basis, it seems the family home wasn’t that far away, but I could relax, Harley had said there were no plans to drop in on any family! “I’ve got another place in mind,” Harley had said. The sun was dipping closer to the horizon, still plenty of time before sunset but Harley still suggested that we move on. Back on the bike we left Carmel and headed south. The road sweeping through Pfeiffer State Park and on south, the stunning ocean view to my right seemed to go on and on. Eventually Harley signaled to turn left at a small place called Plaskett. The road winded up into the hills and after a few minutes Harley pulled off the road in front of a long, low building, almost hidden by a stand of pine trees. “We’re here!”, he announced.

“Wow!” I said as he threw open the front soor to reveal a massive open living space. “It’s amazing, and my god, that view!” I gazed out through the massive picture windows. As far as I could see they ran the full width of the house, showcasing the Pacific Ocean in all its glory. “I bet the sunsets are amazing”, I gushed.

“Stunning”, Harley was on my left, he beckoned me t

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Notes He’d said “Don’t forget to bring an overnight bag, I’ve sorted us a couple of rooms down near Big Sur.” He’d definitely said “a couple of rooms”, hadn’t he?
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