Sorry, but I Can Fuck your Husband Anytime I Decide!

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The title of this article would make you think I’m bragging, but the actual title should be “Any woman can get any married man to fu*k them”.

I’ve had sex with every married man that I’ve ever wanted to sleep with, and I’ve also screwed a couple that I didn’t want to sleep with. Married men are too easy.

So if you’re a married woman and don’t think your husband would ever cheat on you, think again! In fact you best hack into that dude’s smart phone right now to see if he already has.

Here’s a funny story that proves my point:

Last year I was telling my best friend Lisa about my journey to sleep with 1,000 men I match with on Tinder. She asked me how long it would take, and not jokingly I said, “fucking a thousand married men would take less time”.

She gave me a dirty look and said something like, “Well John wouldn’t f*ck you know matter how hard you tried.”

Guess what? My ex BFF Lisa and John are now officially divorced because he had sex with me no less than 3 days after she challenged me to get him to cheat on her with me.

By the way Lisa, if you’re reading this I want you to know that you’re a huge bitch for ending our friendship, and your marriage to John, just because I was able to get him to have sex with me.

Never forget that you’re the one that said “Well John wouldn’t f*ck you know matter how hard you tried.” By the way he was completely sober when we screwed….Now that I think about it, he actually had a large coffee the morning we had sex. John was fully aware of his decision.

You asked for the challenge and I won. Don’t be a sore loser, and don’t blame John for having sex with me because he never stood a chance. Men love having sex with as many women as possible, it’s in their DNA. Get over yourself.

If I ever get married I know for a fact that my husband will cheat on me as well. It’s just sex. But I’m pretty good at it.
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Notes True story of a real estate agent fucking her BFF's husband. This real estate agent is hot and has a perfect ass with amazing tits.
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