Girl on a motorbike, makes Arnie and Robin's dreams come true!

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She knew, of course she knew! Every head turned to check her out when she walked into a bar. She knew exactly the effect she had on men, and women too! It made her feel good. She would check out exactly who was looking at her, how many would look away when she returned their gaze, leaving the most interesting ones, the ones who were confident enough to return her gaze with a smile or a nod. That was how she identified her prey.

It helped that she was almost 6 foot tall, with long blonde hair, a 38/26/36 hourglass figure crammed into a single piece leather biker suit. It helped that she was confident in her abilities, all of them. It helped that she was always on the lookout for sex – good sex, public sex, passionate sex, with no strings attached – she just liked sex, a lot! With men, with women, with both at the same time, in large groups or intimate settings, it all worked for her, as long as her partner wasn’t overwhelmed by the self-confidence she’d built up in her 30 years.

She’d made sure to park the 1000 cc BMW she rode carefully, stowing her skid-lid in the panier and grabbing her shoulder bag. She didn’t want the BMW getting knocked, scraped or damaged in any way it was her pride and joy, she’d ridden it half way across the states, it had given her an awful lot of pleasure, and there was another half still to go! She pushed open the bar door and stepped inside, pausing for a moment to let her eyes adjust to the low-level lighting, and giving the clientelle the chance to check her out. It worked. She spotted a couple of businessmen leaning against one end of the bar, they raised their glasses to her so she sauntered over, making sure they got the full glory of her figure as her hips swayed suggestively.

“What’s your poison?” the one with light brown hair and a couple of days of designer stubble asked. He pulled a stool out and beckoned her to join them. “White wine spritzer”, she looked at the barman pointedly, “No ice!” She swung herself onto the stool, dropped her bag and offered her hand, “Tanya”, she said, “and you two are?” “Robin”, stubble man replied, “and this”, he threw an arm around the shoulder of a slightly smaller man, with almost jet black hair and extravagant sideboards beside him, “is...”. “Batman?”, she laughed. “Ah, never heard that one before”, his eyes raised to the ceiling, “This is Arnie.”

“Well nice to know you fellas”, Tanya clinked glasses with them and wondered to herself, “hmmm, whose got the bigger cock?” She smiled to herself, it was going to be fun finding out. “So”, she enquired, “where does all the action happen in this god foresaken place?” “Well finish your drink and let’s go find out”, it was Arnie who answered, his smile seemed to enhance his broad smile that seemed to reach almost as wide as his strong cheekbones. Tanya nodded, enjoying the moment a while before knocking back what was left of her wine and placing the glass firmly back onto the bar counter. She let her fingers slide slowly back from the glass. She tapped the top of the bar a couple of times, and used a hand to brush her long blonder hair back. “Right gentlemen, I’m all yours.”

As they left the bar she could feel all the pairs of eyes boring into her back, she could feel the jealousy, hear the sighs of missed opportunities but she’d made her choice, and so far she was particularly happy with it. Two well put together men, strong face, broad shoulders with clearly egos to match. No doubt they felt they were in control of the situation, but she knew, oh yes she knew, they hadn’t a hope of maintaining control. She was in charge, she always was!

“My place is just up the street, I’m assuming that’s your bike there. It’ll be fine parked where it is.” Robin offered, “Just a few minutes walk.” Tanya linked arms with the men and together they walked briskly towards a large brownstone building. “I’ve got an apartment on the top floor here”, Robin took his keys out of his jacket pocket and opened the outer door. The lobby was nothing out of the ordinary, Tanya had seen hundreds of them on her travels. And as is often the case the lift was fully mirror lined, so she could see their faces, whichever direction she faced. It was a very slow lift so as it gently rose Tanya made sure she rubbed her hips against both men, from the return pressure she knew things were progressing well. Finally, the lift lurched to a stop and the doors slowly opened, but rather than another lobby there was a single door facing them. “Ah, yes”, Arnie chimed in, “It’s the whole of the top floor, Robin forgot to mention that.” Robin put his key in the lock, turned it and then threw the door open wide. “Entrez”, he gestured with his hand, “mi casa su casa, and that ends my gift for foreign languages!” Tanya walked into a fabulous space, very light and airy, she took in the art that hung on the walls, large pieces, very modern, very not what she had expected.

“Some more wine?” Robin appeared with a bottle and 3 glasses. “Excellent”, Tanya was impressed. She dropped her bag by the door, took a glass and held it while Robin filled it for her. They clinked glasses and Tanya asked if there was any music. Robin picked up a remote control and hit a couple of buttons, Tanya listened for a while, “Ah, the Cocteau Twins. I like them.” She closed her eyes and listened intently, letting her body sway in time to the music. Then she stopped and turned to the men, “Ok, boys, I don’t know about you but I’m in the mode.” Arnie was closer to her so she reached out and helped him off with his jacket, then she stood right against him, eye to eye, and kissed him. She toussled his hair and began to unbutton his shirt. Her hands revealed his muscled chest, he definitely worked out, as she slipped it off his shoulders she could feel his muscles rippling. She ran a finger nail down his chest to his belly button but then, teasing him, stopped and turned to face Robi

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Written by Wordsmith Andy
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Notes She would check out exactly who was looking at her, how many would look away when she returned their gaze, leaving the most interesting ones, the ones who were confident enough to return her gaze with a smile or a nod. That was how she identified her prey.
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