A birthday to remember

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On my birthday my girlfriend wanted to meet for some fun, so I told her only if I can give you something special too. I also said wear something slutty. She agreed to it all. So I took an extra hour for lunch that day and met her with my surprise. She arrived wear a short skirt no panties, thigh highs and a low cut t-shirt. I let her into where we meet over lunch sometimes. She entered and I told her she needed to be blindfolded. I moved her to the center of the room and pushed her to her knees, she immediately started sucking my cock. I told her to get on all fours and I lifted up her shirt and began to eat her pussy and finger her as I did as well. I then got behind her and started rubbing my cock against her pussy lips just before I pushed inside of her. I got her surprise ready and told her to open her mouth, she did and I pushed her head forward onto my friends waiting cock. She was startled at first. I told her to not to think just do a good job. She was sucking him as I pounded her from behind. She was moaning around his cock as I continued to assault her deep depths. I motioned to my buddy and we switched positions. He started to assault her from behind taking no mercy on her pussy as I trusted deep down her throat. We went back and forth a few times switching positions. Until I ended up behind her again and him laying down in front of her I told her to finish him with her mouth and hands. She compiled as I continue to fuck her pussy. He told her he was going to cum so she jerking him the last bit onto her swaying breasts as I thrusted in and out of her. His cum spraying her breasts and dripping down them as I pushed one last time in her to deliver my cum deep into her depths. I told her to stay there I got in front with my buddy and say to her, clean our cocks off, so she took me into her mouth and lick me clean, then she took him into her mouth cleaning his cock as well. We all were satisfied, and parted our ways. It was a birthday I will never forget nor will she.

Written by fredbearz
Cargado November 27, 2020
Notes Birthday spitroaste of my girl
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