Sucked in the shower

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As I lay in the bed, I heard you get up, fumble about, them make your way to the bathroom. You were trying desperately to move quietly but the silence of this dark, winter morning, wouldn’t allow it. Every little movement seemed magnified... or maybe it was just me, tuning into you.
My mind followed your every move.
I heard you pacing in the bathroom, deliberating where to rest your towel, heading over to the shower to set it running then back towards the door where I heard you removing your clothes.
Images of you standing there naked, conjured up in my mind.
You were curvy and full in all the right places. You had a juicy ass and a rack to die for. I visualised how your thighs would enrobe your pussy. I had noticed its fullness in your leggings before.
I heard the pounding of the shower as it hit your back then cascaded down onto the floor afterwards. I knew the shower water was hot, I could almost hear the steam.
I lay there wondering how sexy you must look, positioned underneath a torrent of wetness, soaping yourself ...
I got up and headed to the bathroom. I gently pushed the door. It wasn’t shut flush so I managed to ease in quietly without any fuss. Once in, as suspected, steam filled the room. The atmosphere was warm and damp... reminiscent of a Turkish bath.
I could just about make out your side view through the thickness of the haze. Your ample bosom being caressed by your lathered hands.
“Need a hand?” I boldly asked
You jumped slightly but I reckon you knew I was there.
As I moved closer to you, you came into full focus. My eyes drank up the beauty that stood before me. I worked from your pretty face, down your neck and across your pert, juicy breasts. I acknowledged your slightly rounded tummy and then fixated on your pussy. You had shaved so your kitty cat sat nestled between your thighs, soft and peachy. Begging to be bitten.
“Well?” I said.
I wanted permission to touch. I could feel the excitement welling up in the pit of my tummy. You, my friend, excited the shit out of me. I wanted to taste you.
“Suppose my back could do with a scrub!” You replied cheekily
You leant forward to hand me the sponge. Your soaking breasts jiggled a little as you moved. My pussy twinged with excitement.
You turned around baring your ample backside.
I lifted my arm up and began soaping your back. I ran the sponge up and down, pausing to squeeze out some of the excess water intermittently. Watching it run down the small of your back and into the crack of your ass, did stuff to me.
I began lathering up your butt cheeks. After a few seconds, I took the cheeky plunge and ran the sponge round your thigh and connected with your pussy. You didn’t stop me so I ran the sponge between your thighs even more. You parted your legs. You were encouraging me to continue, so I did! After a while I dropped the sponge and let my bare fingers feel your sodden skin. You didn’t stop me. My hand began stroking your naked wet cunt. Your pussy lips were meaty and full. I slipped my forefinger in between and found your hardened clit. I teased that. You let out a sigh of approval. I rubbed at you some more. Your knees bent and you pushed yourself towards me. You liked this.
I let my hand fall away, I straighten up then slipped my t shirt over my head and removed my panties. I was completely naked too!
I moved into the shower space with you and as the pounding water met my skin, my nipples hardened.
“Fuck!” I said, involuntary.
You giggled and moved closer.
Our wet bodies touched.
So slippery, so sexy!
I pulled you in, embraced you and grinded gently against you.
I eased you back so you leaned against the shower wall door support.
I groped both breasts with each of my hands then dropped my head and took one off your rock hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it slowly...deeply. I was so turned on by this I had to touch myself!
Using my forefinger, I gently flicked at my clit. I could feel it throb.
The more I sucked on you, the harder it got. It ached!
I let my hands drop to your waist and I slowly knelt down. The water was a potential hazard so I moved carefully but still managed to make it sexy!
The fact that you were already propped up by the wall, made it easier. I slid forward until I was positioned under you and then I leant in and kissed your succulent pussy lips.
I used my thumb and forefinger on my right hand to part your ampleness and expose your love bud.
It stood to attention, so blatantly. It was at least an inch long.
I took it into my mouth and sucked on it. You let out the deepest, throatiest moan.
This was approval so I continued to suck you off, back and forth with a few breaks in the sucking so I could rub my tongue up each side of your girl boner for maximum pleasure.
This drove you wild.
Your hands fell to the back of my head and you pulled me in closer
“Suck me deeper!” You begged
Despite the water from the shower, I could feel your juices flowing. It was slightly thicker in texture and had a sweet taste.
My whole face was in your cunt!
I grabbed at your arse and pulled your butt cheeks apart. You bent your knees and your legs trembled
“Finger fuck me,” you screamed
I allowed one hand to let go of your arse and let my forefinger and my index finger work their way down your red hot snatch until they met your pool of ecstasy.
I slipped them both in.
You groaned again and instantly began grinding against my fingers.
I continued working on your clit with my mouth.
I could feel you building up, getting tense, readying yourself to blow.
My own pussy contracted through excitement as my mouth filled up with your nectar.
A few more finger pumps and you exploded.
You let out an almighty gasp and the pressure of your squirt, shot to the back of my throat.
I was so turned on.
As you juddered, I gently guided you down to the shower floor.
Still shaking, you obliged. Once sat comfortably, I positioned myself above you and lowered myself until my pussy met

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Written by Lexi Shand
Cargado November 27, 2020
Notes Ever fantasised about having sex with a friend?
Ever found yourself imagining what they taste like or what they feel like?
Imagine if suddenly, all those hours of sexy day dreaming become a raunchy wet, in-shower reality…
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