My first bi experience was with my best friend on her wedding night

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After my best friends wedding Saturday night, we ended up in a hot tub together at an after party. Our husbands didn’t want to get in with us, but sat in the chairs surrounding the tub, so we decided to entertain ourselves. My friend took her top off, revealing her gorgeous 36DD titties. She came over to me and started kissing and biting my neck. This turned me on so much that I pulled her back and started kissing her. She then removed my top and we continued making out, rubbing all over each other. She ran her hand up my thigh, squeezing and rubbing so close to my pussy. Now I have never thought I’d want to go any farther than kissing another woman, it’s just something that never really did anything for me but she has opened up a side of me that I never knew existed. Our husbands suggested that we take this back to the hotel room and we agreed.

After we were back in the room my friend changed into the lingerie she’d bought for her wedding night. It was a sexy black number that was open on the top with nothing covering her tits and it was crotchless. As much as I am wanting to experiment with her, my husband knows I need a little push so he suggested playing truth or dare. We all agreed and the game went like this.

Dare 1:
The game began with them daring us to make out again. After we got hot and heavy, we dared them to take some more clothes off. They stripped down to their underwear and then dared us to take off the rest of our clothes.

Dare 2:
Only thinking it was fair we dared them to follow suit and they removed their underwear. Now we’re all totally naked, something we have never done before with each other. I could tell my husband was enjoying himself as he was fully hard.

Dare 3:
My friend then suggested to me that we kiss each other’s partners, I agreed and we made it a dare. My husband and I have been married 12 years and in that time have never kissed someone of the opposite sex so this was a pretty big step for us. We both got out of bed and walked to each other’s husbands, we instantly started making out with them. Her husband has nice plump lips which I enjoyed very much. As my husband was kissing my friend he ran his hand to her ass and gave it a squeeze, commenting on how nice it was. By this point everyone is extremely horny and getting more daring.

Dare 4:
So next our hubby’s dared us to suck their cocks. Now anyone that follows me here knows how much I love to suck cock so I jumped at the chance to do it in front of them. We both got down on our knees and began blowing them like our lives depended on it. We sucked and gagged on their cocks for about 5 minutes and decided that was enough because we didn’t wanna cut the night too short lol.

Dare 5:
We then agreed that it was only fair that they return the favor. They happily obliged and we laid on the bed beside each other as our husbands went down on us. My friend has often bragged about her husbands oral skills and I’d say she’s not lying by the moans she was letting out. After they finished we were all extremely horny and weren’t hiding it.

Dare 6:
Next they dared us to rub each other’s pussy. This was a first for me but I was extremely turned on and ready for it. We started making out and and ran our hands down each other’s bodies until we reached each other’s pussy. We continued making out while rubbing one another while our husbands sat in their chairs and watched. At this point I was dripping wet.

Dare 7:
After rubbing each other we were both so turned on that we couldn’t think of a dare for them so we passed. My husband dared us to go down on each other. This is something I never thought I’d be able to do but my friend does something for me that I’ve never felt with another woman. She knew I had never been this far with another woman, she has in the past, so she demanded I lay down and spread my legs. She began licking my wet pussy and it was incredible! I think you can see from my face in the picture how much I enjoyed it. After she finished it was my turn and I was super nervous. She laid back and I began licking her clit and sucking on her lips. She tasted so good and I really enjoyed doing it. It really surprised me how much I enjoyed doing it and how much I enjoyed tasting her. I can’t wait to do it again.

After all of that none of us could stand it anymore and we all began fucking. My husband bent me over the bed and fucked me hard while she was on her back getting fucked by her husband. We switched positions to me laying on my back, while my husband was fucking me she was as pulling my hair and it turned me on even more. I looked at my husband and said I wanted to make out with her while they fucked us. Her husband put her on her side and we started making out while they continued fuck us, it was incredibly hot!

After we finished my husband and I agreed we better leave so they could spend what was left of their wedding night together. After we got home my husband ate my pussy and fucked me again. The whole time I was telling him how much I enjoyed all the things I did with her and I wanted to back to their hotel. Just thinking about what we had done and how good she tasted made me cum so hard. I can’t wait to do it again!

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Cargado November 27, 2020
Notes Played truth or dare with another couple that ended in my first bi experience
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