Emma & Peter, Alice & Jake. Swinging Day 1

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It was the anticipation that Emma found the hardest thing. Was sex with Peter going to be good, was she going to be able to let herself go, and fully enjoy the event? Would Jake be ok? What if, oh there were so many questions, she found it really hard to focus on things. The week seemed to have gone in a flash and here they were, it was early Friday evening and Emma was torn between a new set of lacey underwear or her (and Jake’s) old favourites the very minimalist purple ensemble. Jake had taken the afternoon off and he’d been fussing around the place, generally getting in her way, and leaving a pile of his own clothes on the bedroom floor, before deciding that a simple white t-shirt and his new Armani jeans would feel right. Yes, he too was nervous, his concerns were about his own performance anxiety and naturally, to his mind, the scary thought that Emma might enjoy sex with Peter more than him which might lead to their relationship being in serious danger.

“Oh god, which one do I choose?” Emma stood naked before Jake, something that set his cock stirring as he turned to face her. They’d abstained from sex for the last few days, they reckoned that might help them get over any nerves. “I think you should go for the new set”, Jake offered, “this is a new experience for us, so go for it!” Emma nodded, it also kept their favourites for them, something not to be shared! Peter and Alice had insisted that they should dress casually, “Remove as much as possible from your list of worries”, he had said. They’d shared several telephone calls that week, setting a few ground rules and trying to keep the newbies as relaxed as was possible. “I’m a little worried about Jake”, Alice had shared her concerns with Peter, “she’s the driving force behind this, I’m not exactly sure how he’ll respond. I wonder if he’s going to have any issues, you know, down there”, she pointed at Peter’s groin. “I’d hate for him to get frustrated and not be able to enjoy himself.”

“All taken care of” Peter winked at her. “I’ve got some Viagra handy, and I’ll tell him I’ve already taken some, that should provide the extra boost he needs — if he can get past the idea of me and Emma, that is!” “Excellent!” Alice winked and blew him a kiss.

The taxi had arrived, it was time. Jake thought that Emma looked stunning, even though she wasn’t dressed to the nines. That said her clothes clung to her, her pert breasts stretching the material of her white woollen jumper and pale, stonewashed jeans accentuating the curve of her hips. “You look fantastic”, Jake took a deep breath, “Let’s do this.” “Are you sure?”, Emma looked at her husband cautiously, he nodded. “Yep!”

They didn’t speak at all in the cab, but clung on to each other hand until it pulled up outside the address they’d been given. Jake rang the doorbell, a figure appeared through the frosted glass and then the door was swung open. Peter’s beaming smile greeted them. “Come in”, he boomed, “It’s so good to see you, here let me take your coats.” He shook hands with Jake, his other hand placed on top of Jake’s. Alice is in the kitchen, why not see if you can give her a hand.” Jake looked nervously at Emma but then turned and walked along the hall and into the kitchen. He placed Jake’s jacket on the bannister and turned to take Emma’s coat. He put it over Jake’s jacket and then turned to her, he put his arms on her shoulders and leant in to give her a peck on each cheek. “Are we good?” He asked. “Yes, I’m pretty sure we are”, Emma nodded vigorously in return. “Right”, he said, “let’s go and join them.”

As Jake had walked into the kitchen Alice had rushed to meet him, she gave him a big hug, and taking his head in her hands she stood on tip-toes to give him a quick kiss. She smelt wonderful, thought Jake, not a fragrance he recognised but one he liked. “Here”, she said, pointing to a bottle on the counter, “Open that will you gorgeous, I’m desperate for a glass of wine!” “Your servant, ma’am”, he replied. “Glasses are in the cupboard over there” Alice threw and arm over her left shoulder, “I’ve just got to finish making this guacamole, I won’t be a minute.”

Peter and Emma walked in, Peter’s arm in the small of Emma’s back guided her over to be next to Jake. Everybody wanted wine, maybe they were all a bit nervous thought Jake. Emma was standing very close to him, he could feel her excitement levels rising, she was fiddling with her wine glass and her foot kept tapping. They were sharing small talk, stories of places they’d been to on holiday, and those they’d like to go to. Apparently Peter and Alice had been to Hedonism several times. “What was it like” Emma finished her wine and reached for the bottle to pour another glass. “I can do better than that, I can show you. Would you like to see our holiday videos?” They nodded. “Alice, let’s have some nibbles in the den shall we?” “Ooh, good idea”, she said beaming. She quickly laid a series of small dishes onto a big tray, Peter took the bottle of wine, plus another one and led the way to the den.

One wall was all but taken up with a massive TV screen, opposite it was a big, deep settee, it looked really comfortable. In front of the settee was a large coffee table, they laid the food and wine on the table and then arranged themselves on the settee, Peter, Emma, Jake and Alice. Peter located the remote control. “Alexa”, he said, “dim the lights.” They dimmed to a faint glow. “Cool eh?” He grinned like a child with a new toy. He selected the video player and pressed the play button. The screen lit up. It looked like a large swimming pool surrounded by tropical vegetation, there were lots of loungers around the pool, although only a few were occupied. Everybody seemed to be in the pool. The person holding the video camera, Peter it transpired, walked towards the pool. As he got closer Emma could see a lot of people, or rather she could she a lot of a lot of people. They didn’t appear to have any swimsuits on!

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Written by Wordsmith Andy
Cargado November 27, 2020
Notes Emma and Jake are inducted into the club by Peter Yes, he too was nervous, his concerns were about his own performance anxiety and naturally, to his mind, the scary thought that Emma might enjoy sex with Peter more than him which might lead to their relationship being in serious danger.
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