My Girlfriend Susie (Part-1)

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I met Susie while visiting a friend in college. They were both seniors and on the verge on graduating. I graduated a year early. We both were at a frat party we started talking. We kept drinking and apparently we went back to her room and fucked our brains out so much so that her RA had to tell us to keep it down. The next morning as we were getting dressed Susie was really cool..she said if you want to call me GREAT if not GREAT! I am not going to stalk you and I hope that you won’t stalk me.

A few months I went to my friends graduation and ran into Susie again. She was super chill and relaxed. I actually looked at her in the daylight and WOW was she cute. I drove her to my friends graduation party and we hung out, talked and drank (not as much as last time) and throughout the night we both assumed correctly that we were going to sleep together. Susie appeared to be the girl next door but she was constantly horny. As she led me to the room, that I rented she started stripping off her clothes. She walked down the hallway of the hotel throwing pieces of her clothing on the that I picked them up. Once we got in the room we started fooling around and I layed her on her back and slowly entered her. She started to scream with please and she came pretty quickly. I continued to go in and out of her until she came one more time. After I pulled out to give her a breather she said in her cute little voice “I want you to fuck me in the ass” “All of my friends do it and love it…I want you to fuck me in the ass” I said ok. She got some lube out of her overnight bag (I guess that she had been planning this) . She took the lube and rubbed it all over my cock and then got on all 4-fours. Instead of ramming my cock in her but hole I decided to make her cum one more time. Then I slowly pushed my engorged lubed up cock into her but she started breathing heavy and moaning. Then I picked up speed and started fucking her ass. She was moaning and screaming with pleasure. After a few minutes I came in her asshole. She kept pushing back saying that she wanted it all in there. After I pulled out she said grab my phone and take a picture of me. She said I want to give you a picture of me that will help when we are not together. Since Susie was spent and sexed out I picked her up and took her to the shower where I gave her a shower and as much as I could clean out her orafaces.

The next morning as we were getting dressed ready she invited me to be her date to her graduation party that her parents were throwing for her.

The next weekend was her graduation party at the Magnolia Plantation. A place that her family had rented. Throughout the night she held my hand and introduced me to everyone in her family. Towards the end of the night we were talking with her parents and her dad asked where I was staying tonight. Susie chimed in and said that I was staying in her room. Her dad said to me ok good just as long as you are not driving. The night ended with us going back to her room and us fucking like rabbits and me leaving a deposit in her ass again. Susie had planned ahead she had a room with 2 beds…we would fuck in 1 bed and make a mess in the other one.

Susie and I became a nice couple with lots of things in common in and out of the bedroom. I lived in Richmond and Susie lived in McLean, VA with her parents.. Susie would drive down to my place every weekend.
One weekend we made plans to spend the weekend at her parents house, considering the amount of sex that we had each weekend I was hesitant to hang out at her parents house. I finally broke down and hung drove to McLean. She was still at work when I arrived. Her dad gave me a quick tour of their house (I would call it a mansion or an estate) and then showed me to Susies room where I could leave my bag. He then invited me to join him outside where he had a fire going (all I could think about is the lack of sex that I was going to have) We talked about life, politics, money. He actually gave me some pretty good tips about a few stocks Susie must have been thinking the opposite because she kept sending me selfies of her boobs, her mouthing a cucumber, her panties, her blond bush, and pics that we had taken after our different sexual romps.

Once Susie arrived we sat down and ate dinner. We had our normal conversation…except it was very g and pg rated and we were laughing. Her dad asked what our plans were for the weekend. Susie responded who knows…just our normal hanging out. After dinner we sat outside with her parents and enjoyed a tall glass of wine. Once we were done Susie got up grabbed my hand and told her parents that we were going to bed (ok now I am nervous). Her mom said “Ok Honey..Have Fun:” Susie led me to her room and once we were inside she stripped off her clothes and she stripped off mine and we started to make out and feel up each others bodies.

She whispered in my ear that she really wants me to fuck her in the ass tonight but it will have to wait until her parents were asleep (apparently they were heavy sleepers) or when they were not at home. So we had our normal sex in multiple positions.

At about 3am I hear a car starting up and I look outside and see her parents heading looks like they are going on a quick trip (judging by the overnight bag). Once they pulled out of the driveway and out of sight I went and lubed up my cock and slowly woke Susie up with my hands and then I slowly entered her ass. She moaned and said “I love you baby” yes you know what I want. For the next hour or so I fucked her ass and her pussy. I went nice and slow because I wanted her to cum multiple times but I didn’t want to cum right away. Once I came inside of her pussy we layed there for a minute and she said “Baby we need to get our own place” I said “ Yes we do..maybe instead of fucking all day” We can go and look for a place of our own.

<To Be Continued>

Written by brick3219
Cargado November 23, 2020
Notes This is the story of my 1st sexual encounters with my girlfriend Susie.
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