Frustrated Franny gets exactly what she needs from Tom

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The first time I met Tom was at a meeting his boss organised. You see Tom was new to the company and his boss was showing him the ropes, so to speak. His boss was a bit of a knob, full of his self importance and thought he was god’s gift to women - he wasn’t I can assure you of that having been on the receiving end of one of his late night post event approaches. Tom was different, there was definitely something about him that attracted me.

My name is Frances (Franny), I’m the Regional Events Manager for a well known chain of hotels and I’m prepared to go the extra mile! I’m 36, married to Dave (for 15 years now) and we live in a small village in the east of England with our two dogs and 1 cat. I’d been totally faithful until I met Tom but the spark had most certainly gone out of our marriage. The fact that I couldn’t have kids was a big problem. I’m sure some of Dave’s mates had been flirting with me at parties but I’d either ignored it or missed it. All I knew was I was frustrated. Sure I could pleasure myself but as you girls know there’s a big difference between your own hands and sitting on a big fat cock!

Tom seemed a bit quiet, maybe even a bit nervous - not surprising I suppose. He looked fresh out of college and this was probably his first proper job. He had a nice smile and the most piercing blue eyes - I found myself focussing more and more on him. Thankfully his boss got a call and said he had to leave, naturally not without firing off another innuendo about him being sure that Tom would be well taken care of - “in your hands”. After he’d gone Tom apologised for his boss’s behaviour, which I thought was very sweet. I dismissed his apology with a grin and said right let’s crack on.

First off was a tour of the hotel so Tom could see the ballroom where the events were held and then the rooms that their company normally booked for their quarterly events. I also showed him the executive suite where the head of the family often stayed - the events usually went on well into the night and there was usually a fair amount of alcohol consumed. Work hard, play hard - and why not? Tom was super impressed with the ballroom and asked several questions about setting up, lighting, sound etc which made me think he knew what he was doing but when we got to the executive suite he got a bit embarrassed - I probably shouldn’t have told him some of the stories of what had been known to go on in that room. As I shepherded him out of the room. My hand brushed his shoulder, I felt a strange tingle - deep inside me - butterflies started flying around my stomach - I blushed, I’m not sure if Tom was aware, I quickly composed myself and we continued on with the tour.

Afterwards it was time for lunch and to discuss the plans for the upcoming event. I think that it’s helpful to know a bit about your clients if you’re going to be working together so over lunch I learnt that Tom was an only child, he was into sport, I could see that from his physique - not pumped but definitely fit, broad shoulders and narrow hips - very fit actually. He also said that he’d taken this job because he’d been in a relationship with someone at his previous job but discovered that she was two-timing him. She had a much more senior role so it would be best if he left. Poor thing, I felt quite motherly towards him - actually I’m not sure motherly was the right description.

Lunch was lovely and I really thought it went well, Tom’s ideas for the event were excellent and pretty easy for us to manage. We agreed to keep in touch via phone in the run up to the event which was 6 weeks away. We shook hands and again I had the same feeling in my stomach. I was already looking forward to our first phone call.

Tom seemed much more relaxed, and indeed more confident on the phone. We were laughing and joking, getting on very well indeed. At some points it felt like we were even flirting. So by the day of the event I was looking forward to seeing Tom - a lot!

On the day itself things were very busy, I was running around making sure that the catering and the entertainment was in place and Tom was head down in sheets of paper making sure that the running order was perfect! We were ships in the night, a brief wave as we passed in the halls, ballroom and hotel reception. He was wearing casual clothes, tee shirt and jeans and I could see his chest was firm and his stomach flat. His jeans seemed to fit rather well too!

Come 7 pm it was time to get dressed up. I decided to go for it. I chose a matching burgundy lace underwear set - shear and petite to compliment my olive complexion and show off my curves to their best. Over them my favourite little black number with a simple string of pearls to highlight a glimpse of cleavage. I debated whether to have my hair down or up - up was definitely better. Happy that I was looking cool and sexy I wandered into the hotel bar to see if the guests had started arriving yet. Tom was at the bar, wow! He looked amazing, black tie always works for men, but it was working for me too, I had to stop myself from running off to the loos for some quick relief!

I went over to him and tapped him on the shoulder, he was clearly startled and some of his papers fell onto the floor so I dropped onto one knee to help him gather them, giving him an opportunity to look down the front of my dress. Thank you, he said, taking the paper from my hands, those piercing blue eyes boring into me, Franny you look fabulous. I gave him a quick twirl. , Extremely fabulous, he said.

I’m a bit stressed, he said, I’ve got to present some awards myself and I don’t want to mess it up.

I asked Tom what he was drinking and then got the barman to give us 2 vodka and tonics and put my hands on his shoulders, pecked him on the check and said relax, you’ll be fine. God he smelt good.

Right Mr Tom, I said, time to get your game face on, I’ll be here beaming positive

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Written by Wordsmith Andy
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Notes The first time I met Tom was at a meeting his boss organised. You see Tom was new to the company and his boss was showing him the ropes, so to speak. His boss was a knob but Tom was different, there was definitely something about him that attracted me.
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