Emma's parents were swingers - will she be one too?

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Your parents don’t have sex anymore, do they? They’re boring, dull and unexciting. Emma and Jake, had been married for less than a year when, out of the blue, her parents were killed in a train crash in France. Not long after they discovered the opposite – to their shock and amazement. They were clearing out the attic when they came across her mother’s diaries – and they told a very different tale. One that would have a major impact on Emma and Jake’s lives.

Her parents death was, quite understandably, a massive shock for Emma. The past three weeks waiting for the French coroner to release the bodies and then arranging for their transfer back to the UK had been hard. As an only child, she had, to an extent, shut Jake out of the process, and focused on her own grief. Bless him, Jake realised what was happening and played a totally supportive role, and whilst he had always got on really well with her parents, he devoted his energies to ensuring that Emma was able to cope with the trauma.

One of the tasks Emma had was to provide the information the information for the eulogy. She hadn’t decided whether she or the humanist leading the ceremony would actually give it, but she wanted it to be honest and heartfelt. So, she and Jake were, that Saturday afternoon, rummaging through the attic of her parents’ house. Although Emma was only 25, she had lived away from home since heading off to Manchester University at 18. She’d met Jake in her final year and they’d moved into a flat in the city after graduating. They’d both got good jobs straight out of uni so were pretty busy with their burgeoning careers and only got to see her (and his) parents a few weekends a year and Christmas of course!

Clambering over bits of old hifi systems, chests of drawers, lamps, a wooden towel rail, a plastic Christmas tree and all sorts of bric-a-brac she came across a cardboard box with her mother’s writing on it. It hadn’t been there that long as, when compared to some of the other items, there wasn’t any dust covering it. When she opened it she was confronted by, what she first thought was, a set of neatly stacked books. However when she picked one up she quickly realised that it was a diary, it didn’t take her to see that they were all diaries.

“Look at these Jake”, she called him over. “I never knew that mum kept a diary. Look they go back years.”

Jake settled down beside her and picked up one for himself. He opened it carefully, it seemed to fall neatly into two equal halves, opening at the 7th of July 2015. He started to read the entry for that day but stopped abruptly.

“Blimey, I think you better see this Em”, his voice faltering a bit. He handed her the open diary and pointed to the date. He watched her closely as she read the entry, silently...

“July 7: Roger and I had arranged to meet up with Alice and Peter for drinks, and maybe more. (There was a smiley face drawn beside the comment). I really like Peter and I can see that Roger has the hots for Alice. I bet his cock is going to be big, judging by the way his trousers fit, tonight could be a real pleasure.”

“What the fuck!” Emma gasped, “What is this? I don’t believe this. What does this mean?”

Jake had selected another diary at random and flipped through the pages, “Here”, he said, “look at this entry for March 2018. It’s another couple mentioned here.” Emma swapped diaries and her eyes grew wider and wider, her mouth was wide open and she was shaking her head. “Mum and Dad, were swingers? I had no idea.”

Over the course of the next hour or so they opened all the diaries, which went from earlier this year all the way back to 2005. Not every date had an entry but it seemed that pretty much every one that did was about their sexual encounters, the build-up, in some cases graphic details about what had gone on, and in many cases a detailed analysis of what had been good, what not so and how to make things better.

The very first entry in the first diary was an account of what had been their first experience of swinging. It started innocently with a dinner party...

“Wow, what an experience that was. I’m so glad that Roger and I joined in! I thought there was something going on while we still eating. It was just a few looks across the table between our hosts Art and Jane and their friends Geoff and Helen. The kind of look that says they know something we don’t.

The conversation was a bit racy, we, well the four them really, swapping stories of fun and games they’d got up to on various holidays. The best we could offer was an afternoon of outdoor sex we’d enjoyed on a holiday in our youth. I was a bit embarrassed by their openness but as the evening went on, the fact that Art kept topping up my wine glass, my inhibitions were definitely loosening up.

After dinner we retired to their lounge, it’s a great big room, with a massive 3 sided corner group style settee, around a large coffee table, the open side faced a blazing log fire. I can’t remember who suggested playing spin the bottle, but that was definitely the start of everything. The brandies helped as well.

It started innocently with a few truth questions before the dares began. Before long Geoff and Jane were snogging. I felt a bit shocked but at the same time I felt bloody horny. I could tell from Roger pressing against me that he felt the same. Then Helen was dared to kiss me! Well what can I say? It was amazing. She didn’t just kiss me though, her hands were all over my boobs – I could feel my nipples growing hard. She didn’t stop, and I wasn’t going to stop her either, my pussy was starting to wake up, getting wetter and wetter, I wanted more.

I surfaced for a breath and saw Art had got up and walked across to us. His hands came from behind Helen and started to massage my boobs. I gasped in surprise. No other man had done that to me for years, only Roger. I looked to s

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Written by Wordsmith Andy
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Notes Your parents don’t have sex anymore, do they? They’re boring, dull and unexciting. Emma and Jake, had been married for less than a year when, out of the blue, her parents were killed in a train crash in France. Not long after they discovered the opposite – to their shock and amazement.
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