Janie The Yoga Instructor (Part-2)

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As Janie rode me she watched the SW enjoy her two Fuck Buddies.

The SW was sitting on the edge of the picnic table. She pulled Sean in front of her and rubbed the outside of his shorts. She took Jimmys hands and put them on her boobs. Jimmy was a little bit nervous so he did a good job of keeping watch just to make sure we didnt get caught.

The SW unzipped Jimmy’s shorts and started to give him a blow job. Janie was enjoying the show and riding me at the same time. A few times I felt her cum dripping down my hard dick which was inside of her. I whispered in Janie’s ear that she should help the situation by taking off the SW’s skirt and shirt. After a little bit of hesitation she went over next to Jimmy and pulled off the SW’s skirt and then her shirt. Jimmy pulled Janie close and started making out with her. Janie wasn’t sure at 1st but then realized that she was actually enjoying it.

After a few minutes of blowing and making out. The SW got up and bent over the table and motioned Jimmy to start fucking her. Janie come back and sat on my hard dick and asked if it was ok that she made out with another guy. I gave her a deep kiss. Jimmy had the SW bent over the table fucking her from behind while Sean acted as a watch out. After a few minutes a bar back/table cleaner looked over at us and noticed that something was not right. He quickly walked inside…we guess to grab a manager. Sean told Jimmy to hurry up. They both decided to quickly get dressed and finish later. We all assumed our normal clothed adult time and then Janie started telling a story and everyone started laughing hard. A manager came over to the table and started to say something almost interrupting Janie’s story when she finished EVERYONE laughed…even the manager. The manager said that she was checking to make sure that everything is ok…she said to the SW…your shirt is on backwards and your skirt is inside out. She smiled and said the next bottle of wine is on the house.

While we enjoyed the bottle of wine we kept our hands to ourselves…mostly and laughed about the SW’s dressing predicament.

Janie and I were a little bit tired plus she was in a super snuggly horny mood. The SW was also tired…it had been a long week in the office. We all said our goodbyes and decided to head home. On the way home the SW said that she was going to take a shower and then go bed and if we (Janie and I) were going to have wild sex then please have at it in one of the other rooms but if we were going to have slow romantic sex then feel free to hang out in the bed.

Once we got home the SW gave Janie a deep kiss and whispered in her ear “Enjoy my husband/our husband as much as you want” Then she gave me a kiss and whispered in her ear “You 2 should hang out more often”

Then she went upstairs to sleep.

I took Janie by the hand and we went into the basement. As we were walking she was stripping off her clothes and pulling mine off. We went up to the bar and lifted her up on the bar and proceeded to eat her out until she came. Janie was a little screamer. She slid off of the bar onto my throbbing hard dick and proceeded to bounce up and down until I came.

We went upstairs and feel asleep next to the SW.

The next day we revealed the plans to Janie…we were headed to the an outdoor concert. She squealed with excitement.

Since we would all be drinking we hired a limo me, Janie, the SW and Billy (her fuck buddy). We hopped into the limo and headed off to pre-game before the concert. At our 1st stop we met up a few of our swinger friends. Jimmy/Ashley & Sean/Lisa we all had sex with each other many many times. We sat around drinking and laughing. I pulled Janie aside and told her that we would be in the middle of an orgy or 3 before the night is over. She kissed me and said that she would be just fine and be able to hold her own. We hit 3 more bars and then the local beer store. By the time that we pulled into the parking lot everyone had a good buzz. Once we got to the concert we loaded up the coolers and grabbed blankets and headed inside.

We set up our little area on a part of the lawn that offered a bit more privacy but still gave us a great view. The SW was sitting in between Billy and Sean. Her legs were crossed. Janie was hanging out with Jimmy. They were enjoying each other light gropes and kisses. I was hanging out with Ashley. Jimmy whispered into Janies ear and then Janie went over and gave both Billy and Sean a kiss and a look down her shirt. She then went to the SW and gave her a kiss. Janie unbuttoned the SW’s shirt and then unzipped her shorts and took them off. She then put Billys hands on her boobs and then Seans hands between her legs. She took the shorts back to Jimmy and they started to make out. Janie unzipped Jimmys shorts and started to feel his hard dick. Not to be outdone I unzipped Janies shorts so she was standing there with her bare ass out. Luckily it was dark and no one could see what we were doing. There were 8 swingers naked and having sex. The SW was getting fucked by Sean and Jimmy. She had Jimmys dick in her pussy and Seans dick in her ass. She had cum at least 3 times and at this point were begging both of them to cum. Jimmy was on top of Janie fucking her super hard. I was fucking and fooling around with Ashley and Lisa. After everyone had cum a few times we all sat there for a minute and composed ourselves. We all decided that we should head back to our house and relax in the pool and hot tub. As we got up and picked up everyone found their clothes with the exception of Janie…she couldn’t find her shorts. She was tired and didnt care. So we walked back to the limo piled in and went home.

We all relaxed in the hot tub enjoying the company, talking about the night that we had (no one watched the concert) and planning our next sexcapade.

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Cargado November 2, 2020
Notes We introduce Janie to some of our swinger friends and swinger ways
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