Janie The Yoga Instructor (Part-1)

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The SW & I have been taking hot yoga at our local studio for the past 3 years. Our favorite yoga instructor is Janie! During our classes Janie is super perky, super friendly and super flirty! Her attire as an instructor is typically a pair of little shorts that accent her cute little but and a sports bra that accents her perky boobs.

After a few classes we (Janie, The SW and myself) we were hanging out and chit chatting in the front of the studio. Our conversations have been around live music, good food and going out. After a particularly hard class Janie was sitting on the counter and we were chit chatting while the SW showered. While sitting on the counter Janie was sitting with her legs crossed which gave me a perfect view of her pussy and the little bit of hair on top of it. When I noticed that she was flashing me her pussy I looked and cleared my throat she looked down, she wasn’t embarrassed she just readjusted her shorts which even gave me a better look. The SW came out freshly showered and we gave each other hugs. Later that day Janie texted and said that my wife gave her the green light to text and go out with you. I sent back a big heart. She texted back and asked if I enjoyed staring at her pussy? I quickly responded YES and when can I see it again. She quickly responded with a picture of her perfect little pussy and the response that she would be happy to show it anytime.

The next day one of the SW’s fuck buddies texted and said that he had 4 extra tickets to an outdoor concert. The SW suggested that I bring Janie. I know that DMB was her favorite band. I immediately texted her if she had plans for the weekend. She quickly responded NO. I told her to pack a bag and after class on Friday she was mine. She responded Sounds like fun I will be ready.

The next day I arrived at Yoga 1st (at least 20-minutes before everyone). Once Janie let me in the studio I saw that she wearing baggy sweats and a t-shirt. Once we got in the room she turned on the heat and stripped off her sweats. I couldn’t believe my eyes..Janie the yoga hottie was walking in front of me naked. She asked “Do you like what you see” I said hell yes. I hope that I can convince you 2 keep the same attire for the entire weekend. She said based upon your reaction I have no problem being naked for you.

Janie got dressed and we went through 90 minutes of Yoga. During class she was 100% professional. After class we didnt shower we hopped in my car and headed to our house. During the car ride she asked “So what will your wife think” and I proceeded to explain to her that we were swingers and that over this weekend she will see my wife get fucked by at least 3 or 4 different guys. Also as a matter of fact this weekend we are going somewhere with one of her fuck buddies. Janie said YES I was hoping that you guys would be ok with me hitting on you. We arrived at the house and I started to take off my smelly yoga clothes. Janie followed suit. I took her by the hand and took her to the hot tub. Once we got it we started making out and fooling around like high school sweet hearts. We tried to fuck in the hot tub but it didnt work out so I took Janine by the hand and led her to the chaise lounge. Where I slowly entered her once inside of her she whispered that she is on the pill and really enjoys cream pies. We continued to fuck in multiple positions until I emptied my cum in side of her. We layed there for a second and then decided that it was time for lunch.

We took a quick shower got dressed and headed out.

We headed out to lunch while enjoying our conversation about sex and all things sex. We talked about the fact that we were going to fuck here there and everywhere. Janie said that she would love that. I threw in the fact that I would love for her not to wear panties or a bra. I told her that I loved her cute little body and I enjoyed staring at all of it. Janie wiggled a little and then put her panties on the table and then reached under her shirt and took off her bra and said now you can see me touch me and fuck me here there and everywhere.
Since we had a little bit of time to kill before we had to catch up with the SW we dumped our drinks into a togo cup and walked around the cute little shops in town. We walked into a cute but upscale women’s clothes shop. There was an elderly lady working but she was preoccupied with inputting an inventory order. The elderly lady was super friendly she asked Janie if there was something that she was looking for and Janie said skirts and cute tops. The clerk pointed us into the back part of the store in the corner. She also said that if she wanted to try anything on there was a changing room behind the skirt and top section.

As we walked to the back of the store Janie pulled her dress up and showed me her cute ass and then ran her finger across her clit and then put it in my mouth. Once we were in the skirt section she took off her skirt and shirt and perused the section naked. For the next 2 or 3 minutes Janie modeled a few different outfits for me. I liked them all. She could see that I was getting hard as a rock so she unzipped my pants and led me to the changing room where she bent over and told me to fuck her I bent her over and slowly started to fuck her she told me that she wanted me to cum again. Just the the thought of her naked in a public shop made me cum really quick. After I came inside of Janie she did not make an effort to clean it up..she was actually proud of it. She proceeded to put on the most revealing skirt and top and she also picked up a few other skirts and tops. At the register the clerk asked if she found everything that she was looking for she gave her credit card to the clerk. I tried to pay and Janie said “You Already Did” Once in the car we made out like little high school kids again. After 10-15 minutes of heavy petting and finger banging I get a text from the SW that her and Jimmy will be at the winery in 15 minutes. Janie ch

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Notes The SW hooks me up with Janie the Yoga Instructor!
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