Work day fantasy

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It was a slow Friday at the salon. Except for restocking some items in the retail section, answering the occasional phone call, and helping a few customers who had come in for a hair or body treatment, she was thoroughly bored. She could only tidy the shelves and fold towels so much until they were all done. As she sat at the front desk she thought back… It had been a couple of weeks since she had made the drive down to D.C. to see her old high school friend. She thought back on the sensations he made her feel, the soft touches, the feel of his penis inside her, his mouth on her skin; she smiled to herself. If she closed her eyes, she could smell him, his cologne and his natural smell a masculine scent that she could not get out of her head. She told herself she would not get attached to him but she wanted him again, if only just for the night.

She messaged with him all the time. He was a good listener and had good advice and, in her eyes, the most genuine man she had ever known. They entertained each other with silly banter, flirting back and forth and sending sexy photos to each other. She liked seeing him in the pictures, but she liked his sexy mind even more; he had the ability to turn her on with just his words. She liked sending him pictures too, and it turned her on even more taking them for him and knowing that he was turned on by them. She was still a little shy about her body even though he had explored every inch of it already, so she always showed just enough to get his blood flowing while still teasing him leaving him wanting more.

As she thought about him she realized that her body’s reaction was to prepare her for sex with him again; she was wet. She squirmed a little in her chair and felt the wetness seeping out of her and soaking into her panties. She shook her head, every time she thought about him, this happened. It was nice to be wanted by someone but also nice to want somebody to touch her again; she had lost that in her marriage. She messaged him “I am sitting here wet at work thinking about you”. He replied “oh really…show me”. She loved his playful nature, always daring her to do stuff and push her limits just a little. She looked around and saw no customers. She asked one of the stylists to watch the front desk while went to the bathroom real fast.

She went into the bathroom and slid her pants down. She saw the dark wet spot on her panties and smiled to herself. She took a picture of that for him, he would love that. She then slipped her panties to the side and felt her wetness with her fingers. It gave her a tingle as she touched herself. She hadn’t sent him one like this before but she spread herself open a little so he could see her wetness and took a picture. She pulled her pants up again and washed her hands quickly and went back out to the front counter. She sent the photos to him with the message “See...I told you”. He responded with three simple words “I want you”; she smiled and shivered. She felt the blood rush again swelling her clitoris. She was extremely turned on, but she didn’t want to bother him anymore as he was at work doing principally stuff. It was almost her lunch break anyway.

When her break time arrived, she walked out to her SUV in the rear of the building. She wasn’t very hungry today, she could always grab a slice of pizza from the place down on the corner or get a salad from the restaurant next door, but it was raining, and she decided against it. She just wanted to get in her car and close her eyes for a little while and listen to some music. The last 6 months of her old relationship had taken their toll on her and she was tired. She tiptoed through the puddles and got in the car. She turned on the ignition and plugged her phone into the entertainment system so she could listen to Pandora. It was dark, and the rain was really starting to come down. She reclined her seat all the way back and shut her eyes.

Within minutes her mind was on him again… She thought for a moment wondering to herself if she dared to. It was overcast, the heavy rain would obscure anyone’s view and her seat was down. What if one of the students from the school across the street walked by; she didn’t care she was about to explode. She unbuttoned her pants and slid them down just enough to get her hand inside comfortably. Her hand slid inside her panties and touched her warm wetness. She began to rub her aching clit in a circular motion, stimulating herself in the most pleasurable way. Not as good as the pink toy she had at home, but it would have to do. As she rubbed herself, she thought about him as the music played.

As her fingers tickled her hard clit and probed her wet pussy she fantasized about him. She imagined him showing up to her work. He was there for a massage and she was not the person at the front desk she was a massage therapist. As she came out to greet him for his appointment she smiled and introduced herself like they did not know each other; he went along with the ruse so as not to alert any of the other employees. She took him back to the therapy room and went through the motions of explaining to him to undress, put his clothes on the shelf, and get onto the table under the covers lying face down. He complied. She knocked on the door a few minutes later and entered the room quietly locking the door behind her. He was on the table in the dim light. He looked up and shot her a devilish smile and she winked back.

She began the massage like any other she had given. Working from his back to his shoulders and down to his legs. She worked the oil into his olive skin, massaging his muscles; running her finger over him and tracing his many tattoos. She asked if the pressure was ok and he nodded. After she finished his back and re-covered him with the sheet she whispered in his ear “time to flip over” lightly kissing him on the earlobe as she did. She held the sheet while

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