The Ice Queen Cometh

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By Dalton
Dawn felt her heart beating fast as she made her way down the busy noontime street, dodging other lunch bound office workers. She looked to the world like the quintessential blonde with pale skin, ice blue eyes, a curvy, sexy figure on a tallish frame and hair that was so blonde as to be almost white. And it was actually real, not out of a bottle, a fact she prided herself on.
Men passing by regarded her with a mixture of admiration and fear. She was beautiful, but her bearing and the cool, distant look on her face put them off. “I wonder if she’s ever even allowed a man to touch her?” thought a middle-aged office worker as she swept past his table at an outdoor café. Little did he know she was on her way to allow a man to do a lot more than that.
Dawn thought back on the past six months since she’d graduated from university and taken the job with Phillips & Whinnery as Pam’s administrative assistant. University had been fun but disappointing to Dawn. She’d left home a virgin and deep in her heart, hoped to be finally set free by a man. Alas, the men at university were no better than those she’d dated in high school; intimidated, scared or boorish clods. It wasn’t that she hated men or even acted like a snooty girl, it was just that her looks seemed to turn men into blithering idiots no matter how nice she tried to be.
When she’d finally allowed one into her bed during her junior year, he’d been unable to excite her. The first time was messy and painful and while the overall experience improved, she just never felt that passion, joy and lust that she’d read about so avidly in books and magazines. She found she was better at pleasuring herself than any man she’d met so far. By her senior year she was actively thinking about trying out sex with another woman just to see what that was like, but she did keep on with the penis crew and found moderate satisfaction with a few men. She also tried very hard to be sweet, but eventually found being cooler worked in terms of keeping men in line.
Then, in a single night, it had all changed. A week after starting her new job and moving into her new apartment mere blocks from the office, she was out one night at a bar with several of the women from work. They were chatting happily about office gossip while the dance music throbbed in the background. Dawn was sipping her white wine when she felt someone behind her. “Hello girls. Nice to see such a lovely bunch out tonight,” said a deep male voice that sent shivers down her spine and straight to her crotch.
“Oh G, hi!” said Sarah, one of Dawn’s new friends. “Come sit and meet our new office mate,” she added. Dawn turned and found she was staring into a pair of deep-set brown eyes that caused her to feel as though she was melting in her seat. “Dawn, this is G, I mean Gerald, he works down the block from us; he’s an investment banker,” said Sarah.
“My goodness, you must be royalty to be so lovely,” said Gerald, placing a large warm hand on Dawn’s shoulder as he sat down next to her. His touch instantly soaked her panties and her breath caught in her throat.
“No, I’m just a normal girl,” Dawn said, her voice unsteady, but her smile genuine for the first time in years. This man was so different, she thought.
“Well, you look like a queen to me,” Gerald said, leaning close and whispering in her ear. His large, soft lips grazed her ear and Dawn felt her nipples try and tear through the thin silk of her small black dress. “Would you like to dance?” he asked. Dawn nodded eagerly and placed her hand in his. His touch, once again, sent shivers straight to her soaked sex and she had to fight to keep a huge grin off her face. As he led her to the dance floor, she took a moment to study him. He was nearly six feet tall, putting him several inches over her. He was dressed in a short-sleeved yellow silk shirt and perfectly fitted chinos that showed off a taut athlete’s body without an ounce of fat anywhere. His shoes were expensive, Italian and made of soft brown leather and his watch was Patek Phillipe.
Dawn looked up into his face and studied the almost coal black of his skin, his large nose, heavy, sensuous lips and felt his strong black arms take her and pull her softly against his hard chest. She had never been with a man of color before but she now began to understand the allure that she’d heard some women whisper about. They moved around the dance floor in time to the heavy beat as if they had been dancing together for years. He moved with the grace of a trained gymnast and while he was big, he never stepped on her feet or held her too tight. And yet, he was totally in control. For the first time in her life, Dawn was with a man who was totally confident, but not cocky, obnoxious, or intimidated by her. She was thrilled to her core and she began to hope desperately that her lonely search was over.
“It’s awfully loud in here,” he yelled into her ear. “Would you like to go somewhere a little quieter?” She nodded, trying not to look too eager, and after bidding her friends good night, he led her out and down the street. They went to a very quiet wine bar where they took a table in a quiet corner and sipped a superb Reisling he picked off the extensive menu. They chatted for the next two hours about jobs, school (Gerald was only two years her senior), and dating. Dawn found she was actually spilling out her frustrations to him and giggled afterwards, amazed at her own audacity.
But he didn’t laugh at her. His eyes were sincere and he agreed that finding the right person was hard. He admitted to a few relationships but nothing really felt right, he said. “Until tonight,” he added, staring deep into her eyes. Dawn through she might actually come sitting in that dark room, the wine on her tongue and her underwear long since soaked through. Her nipples ached for his touch and her clitoris was so hard every time she moved she could feel prickles of pleasure go through her.
“I don’t real

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Written by daltonwriter
Cargado October 29, 2020
Notes A beautiful blonde has been desperate for a real man to give her the pleasure she craves and she finally finds it in the powerful arms of dark stranger.
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