Elly’s Bedroom

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By Dalton
Your first time is something you never forget. Mine was even more memorable because I had no idea it was going to happen. I got a phone call from Elly, my girlfriend for the past 10 months. She asked me to come over to her house to hang out and keep her company. It was a beautiful July evening around 6 and I hopped on my motorcycle for the 10-minute ride to Elly’s house. It was warm and I was dressed in just shorts and a t-shirt under my leather jacket and gloves. I heard the wind whistle by my helmet as I wound up the road to Elly’s house at the end of a quiet country road halfway up a mountain.
When I pulled in I noticed Elly’s little Honda was in the driveway but her parent’s cars were gone. I parked my bike and pulled my helmet off to find Elly at the front screen door waving shyly at me. I bounded up the steps and walked into her cool, quiet house. She kissed me warmly and helped me off with my coat and gloves and tossed them on the love seat. She took my hand and led me to the couch and clicked on the TV. She kicked off her flip-flops and I tossed my sneakers by my jacket. MTV soon became a minor distraction as our lips met for deeper and deeper kisses and our hands began to roam. I quickly discovered she had no bra on under her light button down blouse and no panties under her shorts. This was something new. I also suddenly realized the house was just too quiet. I pulled back and she smiled. “Worried about something sweety?” she asked.
“Your folks, your brother. Where is everyone?”
“My brother is spending the night at Dave’s and my folks are gone till tomorrow morning at my aunt’s. We have the house to ourselves for a change.” Wow. Our relationship until now had been classic for high school. We were seniors and had both turned 18 about the time we met last September. Our sex life was busy and active, but also furtive and frustrating. It was always in the dark, in the car, in back of the school or hurried. We pleasured each other with every ounce of energy we had but we both wanted more time, more freedom and just plain more. We were finally going to get it.
I quickly called my house and said I’d be home in the morning. I crashed at Elly’s house once in awhile, always on the couch, so my folks didn’t worry. Her parent’s bedroom was across from hers so sneaking in was out of the question. But we’d managed to have a lot of fun on the couch after they went to bed. You never knew when they might just pop out to check on us, so while it was exciting, it was also tough. Now that was all forgotten. Elly took my hand and led me down the dim hallway to the door to her bedroom. She opened it and we walked in. I’d never been in her bedroom before and it was quite eye opening. Her furniture was all light oak and the posters on her walls were from bands like Journey, Styx, REO and Aerosmith. My eyes widened when I saw her queen size bed and when I turned, I saw her standing by the door totally nude, her clothes in a heap by her feet.
I gazed in wonder at my beautiful Elly. Her chestnut hair fell in soft waves halfway down her back. Her wide set brown eyes gleamed at me above her pert nose and large, smiling mouth. Her soft lips glowed with lip-gloss and my eyes moved down to find her large, soft breasts hanging down slightly on her chest. I looked further to her slightly rounded tummy and the small patch of dark curls that sprouted from between her slender thighs. I saw just a hint of pink folds peaking out and I could feel my heart hammering in my chest and my cock straining against my shorts. Without a word, Elly moved towards me, her body flowing sensuously. She kissed me softly, then harder, our tongues touching in the warm wetness of her mouth. She helped me off with my clothes till we both stood nude and embracing, staring into each other’s eyes. “You are so beautiful,” I gasped. She smiled at me and then sank to her knees. She looked up at me, my cock inches from her face, a drop of precum balanced on the upturned head. Then her soft hand gripped my shaft and she opened her mouth and took me inside. She began to suck and lick very gently at first but soon with a hunger and drive that shocked me. I moaned and watched her movements as my cock strained and throbbed in her incredible mouth.
I felt my body begin to shake with desire and I thrust forward involuntarily. She just kept sucking, her hand gliding up and down my slick shaft and her tongue moving everywhere at once. “Elly, I’m going to…” was all I managed before I cried out and began to cum. It felt as if a pure burst of heat had started in the head of my cock and traveled throughout my body in one giant explosion. In the distance, I heard her gulping and moaning and I felt my body shake and shiver as wave after hot wave of pleasure coursed though me and left the head of my penis. Finally, I sagged and she sat back and looked up at me, her hand still wrapped around my softening shaft. I looked down at her glowing face, here eyes alight with love and lust, her nipples were hard little rocks amidst the crinkled brown skin of her areolas.
I sank to my knees in front of her and she pulled me close and hugged me. I pulled back and kissed her, tasting the tang of my own cum on her lips. “Are you OK?” she asked, as the kiss ended. I nodded. “I loved the look on your face when you came. It was so nice to be able to finally see you,” she said. I knew what she meant. The first time I ever came in her mouth we were behind the high school during a football game one Friday night. We were kissing and stroking each other faster and faster. Our jeans were unzipped and her hand was in my underwear wrapped around my cock while my hand was buried in her silky panties, my finger slipping in and out of her slick, soaked opening. I began to feel my cock shiver and she felt it too. “Soon?” she gasped, breaking our kiss. I moaned. She bent over and took me in her mouth in one fluid motion. I moaned again, leaning against rough bric

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Written by daltonwriter
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Notes You never forget that first time but for this couple, it just keeps getting better. Experienced women are the very best.
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