Ben & Kate, a trick leads to an intense orgasm...

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Ben & Kate

Ben and Kate were lying wrapped together in their king-size bed passionately kissing. As Ben's tongue teased Kate's his fingers were making her nipples stiff and as her desire rose her hand sought and found his rigid cock. She sighed as the pleasure from teasing her breasts rose, her hand moved slowly up and down his stiff length making him sigh in turn. Ben withdraw slightly and took her hand away from his erection.
“What's up?” Kate asked
“Nothing Darling” Ben replied “I just want to try something a little kinkier”
“Like what”
Ben reached down the side of the bed and picked up a little package which clinked. Shocked a little, Kate recognised handcuffs and a long black scarf with Velcro fastenings, an obviously efficient blindfold.
“Lets try these”
Without giving her a chance to reply Ben clicked one cuff to the edge of the headboard and the other round her right wrist. Kneeling astride her; his slightly deflated cock was inches from her face. I get it Kate thought, he's want me to blow him when I can't move my hands. Obligingly she moved her face towards his cock and opened her mouth to take it in when Ben, quite roughly she thought, grabbed her left wrist and cuffed that to leaving her arms widespread across the bed.
“Ben, I'm not sure I like this” Kate stated.
“Don't worry” Ben replied “ It will be great”
He then took the scarf and wrapped it around Kate's head ensuring that several folds of the material completely covered her eyes. Kate found herself a little nervous but her fanny was tingling which meant she was getting aroused again. Now completely unable to see Kate realised the pressure on the bed was the only way she could tell where Ben was. Ben was now moving down the bed and then the movement on the bed stopped. Kate guessed Ben had got off. She felt her left leg gripped and pulled across the bed then some sort of cloth tied around it. She tried to move her leg back but it was firmly tied to the foot board. Instinctively her right leg moved to conceal her fanny but that to was held and moved to the other side of the bed and tied. Now she couldn't move her legs together or lift her knees much to cover herself. Her anxiety increased but so did her anticipation. What was Ben doing to do next? She sort of expected a tongue on her clit or a finger in her fanny but she was astounded when she heard the door open and close.
“Ben?” she called “Ben? What are you playing at?” Silence was the only answer. Kate began to get worried, what WAS he playing at? She struggled a bit against her bonds but quickly realised she really was firmly bound. The she heard the door open again.
“Ben? What are you doing?”
Then the bed moved as a body knelt on it and Kate felt warm skin on her ribs. A warm mouth enclosed her left nipple and gave it a suck so hard that the almost pain pierced her and she cried out. Another suck made her writhe then the warmth left as the pressure changed then she felt hands on her upper thighs. Fingers parted her labia exposing her stiffening clit, more movement and a body was between her thighs. A tongue flicked her clit gently and Kate realised, unable to see, her skin and nerves had dramatically increased in sensitivity as waves of pleasure rolled across her. She began to moan in time with the movements of a tongue and quickly a massive orgasm crashed through her leaving her gasping as the tongue continued to give her little gentle licks. Despite her coming her fanny was still throbbing and she wanted to be penetrated now. The pressure changed again and his knees moved either side of her up to her chest and a stiff cock was now against her lips. OK Kate thought I'll blow him a little then he'll fuck me but as he slid inside her mouth Kate noticed something different. When she gave Ben a blow job he liked her to slowly pull his foreskin down as she blew him. This foreskin was already down as she gently sucked she thought Ben must have pulled it down himself knowing she couldn't use her hands. After a minute the cock was withdrawn from her mouth. Kate knew she was going to get fucked now and little cries of anticipation were coming from her. To her surprise the weight left the bed and the door opened then closed again. Frustrated now Kate yelled for Ben but no answer. The burning in her fanny was now making her squirm across the bed as her desire was almost a physical thing running through her body. A couple of minutes passed and Kate didn't think she could wait any longer then the door opened once more and once again a body was kneeling on the bed by her.
“fuck me” Kate whispered “fuck me, fuck me” horrified a little by her own pleading Kate couldn't help herself she was so desperate now to feel a stiff cock deep inside her. Instead strong hands gripped her ass and she found herself being lifted and not one but two pillows were pushed under her. Her hips were now higher than her head and she felt her fanny must be pointing at the ceiling. The weight shifted again this time between her thighs and Kate almost screamed with lust as she felt a stiff cock pushing against her fanny lips. Kate was almost crooning a litany of pleadings to be entered but again the cock was withdrawn. The weight shifted again and Kate thought she heard the whirr of a zoom lens but couldn't be sure. Then she was startled as a cold liquid was spread over her anus and a finger started to enter her little bottom. This was replaced by the head of a cock pushing against her tight little bum hole.
“no no..not my ass” Kate pleaded “fuck my cunt...fuck my cunt...I need to be fucked please please”. Kate was appalled at her need but obligingly the pressure left her ass and once again started to spread her fanny lips apart. Strong hands gripped her hips and a pair of knees were either side of her thighs then with a hard push his cock was deep inside her and Kate was crying out with pleasure and relief. Strong thrusts drove

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Written by sixfootplus
Cargado November 3, 2020
Notes Ben decides to play a trick on his partner Kate. His fantasy is to see I've leave it to you, the reader, to find out what his fantasy is...
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