I Want To Make Love In This Club

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I can feel how hard his massive dick is through his jeans while I slowly grind my ass on him.
"Damn, girl. You're dancing like you wanna fuck," he says, holding on to my hips for dear life. I smirk at his statement even though he can't see my face. I'm definitely getting the urge to fuck him in front of all of these people.
He rests his back up against the wall, putting some distance between us and everyone else on the dance floor. My dress is so short that it keeps sliding up, exposing my panty-less pussy underneath.
"Shit, girl! I don't know how much longer I can take you teasing me like this!" I listen to him screaming over the loud music and I get an idea. I'm tired of him teasing me as well. It's time for us to play with each other.
I grab his hands and place them on my thighs. He slides them up my legs slowly, quickly reaching my bare pussy.
"Damn, baby! No panties?" he whispers loudly in my ear. I lay my head back on his shoulder and turn my mouth towards his cheek.
"Nope, and I'm ready. Are you?" He hesitates for a moment as if my directness has caught him off guard. He shakes it off quickly, rubbing his masculine fingers between my pussy lips.
"Mmm..." He moans in my ear while his fingers play with my sticky nectar. He slides them inside of me slowly.
"You're so tight," he says in a low tone, complimenting me on the pristine condition of my vagina. I close my eyes with parted lips. He's making my body hot. My pussy starts to gush like crazy. He starts to utilize his other hand, strumming my clit like a guitar while he fingers me. My legs begin to shake with pleasure. He's on the road to making me cum.
"Can I feel you?" He continues talking sexily in my ear. I nod my head yes slightly, letting him know that I'm down for whatever. I put a little distance between his body and mine as he reaches for his belt buckle. He unfastens it, right along with the button on his jeans. He exposes his huge penis and pulls me back towards it. It slides in between my thighs and I jump at how strong it is.
"I don't have a condom," he informs me sadly. I smack my lips with disappointment. I hesitate for a second, knowing that I shouldn't fuck a stranger in the club without protection.
"Fuck it," I decide, allowing the alcohol to take over my better judgment. I grab his meaty shaft from behind. I rub it between my dripping wet pussy lips and coat his dick with my homemade lubricant.
"Put me in you," he demands. I place his head against my hole, making him stand at my entrance with anticipation. I don't go any further and he gets impatient.
"Fuck this." He grabs me tightly around the waist and pushes his pelvis towards me. He slides inside of me slowly and I hiss with surprise.
"You don't have to do anything, baby. Just let me satisfy you." He strokes me precisely and in discreetly, making sure not to attract any attention to us. He forces himself deep inside of my walls and I moan out, but catch myself before I get too loud.
"Does that feel good?" he asks, speeding up his thrusts. His technique is so professional that I'm about to cum.
"MMM!" I bite my lip with sounds of ecstasy. I orgasm so hard that my pleasure drips on the floor underneath me. Me cumming gives him an adrenaline rush. He starts to fuck me like we're at home in the bed. Our bodies rock with sexual bliss. Some people notice us, but I don't care. I cum again, and then another time. I cum so many times that I lose count.
"Dammit baby, I'm about to cum!" He slaps his body hard against mine. Our audience is growing, but we're too far gone to stop.
"FU- FU- FUCKKK!" He pulls his dick out of me suddenly and jacks his semen out and onto the floor. It falls on top of my puddle of cum. We both try to catch our breaths, staring at all of the camera phones in our faces. The crowd cheers as we embarrassingly fix our clothes.
"Wow," I say awkwardly, turning around to look at his face for the first time tonight. He blushes.
"Right... Wow. And by the way, my name is Shawn."

Written by rubywright
Cargado October 2, 2020
Notes Freaky dancing might lead to freaky behavior. Sex in public places is the ultimate fantasy.
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