In Too Deep (Book Excerpt)

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Moving his hand behind her, he began unzipping the dress. She had followed his instructions and as he pushed the dress from her shoulders to fall to the floor, her entire body was bared. Naked, she stood of the one-way mirror as his hands expored her breasts again. She didn’t have a clue that me and to other men were watching her.
“You are a masterpiece,” Mr. Minnotti whispered in Patty’s ear as she blushed and gave a soft giggle.
“I’m not.”
“You are.” His hands roamed over my wife hips and down her thighs. When a hand made its way up the inside of her thighs into the vee between her legs, Patty finally flinched and tensed.
“I don’t know if I can go through with this,” she whispered, and I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Let me change your mind.” He took her hand then led her toward the bed, and I was filled with dread. He set her down on the padded chest at the foot of the bed and pushed her back on her elbows. As she spread her legs, she blossomed open and I could see the wetness glistening in her pink folds. She was aroused. Mr. Minnotti knelt in front of her and Patty watched them in the mirror. As her eyes took in her lover kneeling between her legs, her eyes were staring directly at me. A second later, her head lolled back as his tongue touched her clit and she sighed loudly.
Patty worked her fingers into his closely cropped hair to push him deeper between her legs as her hips thrust up to meet his tongue. With her feet firmly planted on the edge of the chest, she leaned back as Mr. Minnotti worked between her legs. Over his bobbing head, I saw her hard nipples bobbing as her chest heaved. He was making her come. I strained at the cuffs binding my hands as I watched another man pleasure my wife. I was rewarded by a meaty paw clamping on my shoulder to keep me still.
“Just watch,” the big man told me, and I settled down resigned that I was doomed to watch the tableau playing out before me.
A moment later, Patty climaxed. She was moaning as she breathed up the ceiling, “Yes. Yes. Please don’t stop.” Her hips were thrusting faster as her hand was clamped on his head. “Oh God yes,” she moaned louder.
Then I saw her body tense. Her thighs clamped around his head as her orgasm rocked her. When it died away, she looked down at his head still working between her legs and I saw the satisfied look written on her face. Her chest was heaving.
Mr. Minnotti slowed his working on her as Patty shuddered then he pushed himself away and stood up. He walked toward the mirror and I could see the smug smirk on his face as his eyes locked with mine. He’d just made my wife come. It was as if he could see the horrified expression on my face as he stopped in front of the mirror and took out a silk handkerchief and wiped my wife’s cum from his face. When he had stood up, I could see the copious wetness coating her. She still sat on the edge of the chest unable or unwilling to move.
He winked and smiled at me when Patty told him, “Fuck me.”
My mouth dropped open hearing the words leave her lips.
“First things first,” Mr. Minnotti told her. “Come join me.”
Patty heaved herself off the bench and it looked like her legs were threatening to give out as she made her way to him. Stopping directly in front of me, he took her in his arms again and this time, Patty kissed him. She moaned as her own taste hit her tongue and he wrapped his hand around her head to hold her to him. I felt nauseous.
Mr. Minnotti broke their kiss and looked at me through the mirror. “Suck me,” he whispered.
To my horror, Patty willingly lowered herself to her knees in front of him. After the girls were born, I barely had gotten a blowjob from her. Alone with Mr. Minnotti, she dropped to her knees and reached for his silk shorts. He pulled off his robe and tossed it on the floor. The man was well built. Patty worked her fingers into the waistband of his shorts then pulled them over his cock. My jaw dropped and Patty stopped with the shorts mid-way down his thighs.
“You’re so big,” she whispered.
“I have been blessed,” he told then pushed the shorts down to his ankles.
Patty took his thick member in her hands and hefted it as she admired it. I groaned as she touched him then looked away as she took the big tip in her mouth and moaned.
“Keep watching,” I was told and cracked my eyes open to watch my wife sucking another man’s cock. Mr. Minnotti was quickly reaching his full size and I felt another twinge of jealousy. The man was so much bigger than me.
On her knees, Patty began sucking his cock furiously. She plunged him in and out of her mouth as she fondled his balls and pulled him deeper into her mouth. She worked her hand around his thick shaft and for a moment I wondered if it was part of her plan to finish him quickly so as not to have to sleep with him. She was moaning around his cock as she sucked him then pulled him out of her mouth.
“I want you inside me,” Patty told him as she looked up at him and my world collapsed around me.
“As you wish Patricia,” Mr. Minnotti replied as he looked at the mirror. He was looking at Patty kneeling in front of him fondling his manhood but at the same time staring directly at me with a that smug smirk that I had begun to hate.
He offered Patty his hand and helped her off the floor. My eyes were locked on the sway of her hips and her bare bottom as he led her to the bed. Laying her back, he climbed over top of her and kissed her as his hands again explored her body.
“Keep watching,” Domonick commanded. “The boss is quite the cocksman.”
“Yeah. A true swordsman,” the Nikko commented and I tore my eyes away from the couple on the bed to look at them both.
“You’ve watched him have sex before?” The question was for both the men but only one laughed.
“You think you’re the first asshole that’s sat in that chair while the boss fucked his wife?” The big man laughed. “He’s made a lot of wive’s his.”
“Shut up,” the other man growled.

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Notes Nook excerpt from Casey Holt's newest story on
In debt to a local mob boss, Frank is summoned to meet with him by Mr. Minnotti's two goons. Frank's wife Patty demands to go to try and strike a deal and a payment plan to Mr. Minnotti. To the couple's surprise, he accepts the offer of payments but at a price. He wants a down payment of a night with Patty. To save her husband, she agrees. Frank learns that some pain is more than physical.
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