Nora Helps Her Neighbor's Daughter on the 19th Birthday

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45-year-old Nora is a happily married Dutch woman from a regional town in the Netherlands nearby the Belgian border. Her husband was 10 years older than her and ran his own successful interior design business. Nora herself managed a corporate catering company and enjoyed a MILF status. They lived in a large house on a quiet street a short drive from the nearby major cities. Their two kids were in the late teens and abroad to study and work as interns for an extended period.

Their house was at the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood and they shared the block with only 4 other houses. It was quite picture-perfect like from a movie. They moved and settled in 3+ years ago, with a good work/life balance after the kids went abroad and became good friends with their neighbors too. Life was good.

Regularly, people told Nora she was sexy, good looking, pretty etc – if it was not her husband, it was a colleague or a client or one of their new friends. She had long curly brown hair and was approx. 6ft in height. She confidently wore dresses and appropriate tops for her age and looked like a slightly more mature, Dutch version of Sofia Vergara.

The neighbors were also a married couple and similar in age to Nora and her husband. Both were accountants, and also Dutch. They only had a daughter, Sara, who Nora first met when she was 16, and years later celebrated the 19th birthday with.

Their houses had connecting driveways, and both had large areas between and behind them that were full of garden trees and bushes. Nora was usually home at 7 PM, cooking food and relaxing. Her husband often came home later, and the neighbors were both the same. A lot of times, Nora saw Sara hanging out in the backyard by herself or with her friends. She enjoyed the freedom of working parents. But was also a very responsible girl, who never did anything to cause trouble which Nora respected a lot.

On a few occasions Nora smelled a hint of what probably was a joint, but Sara enjoyed it quietly with another female friend and like always never caused any problems. Nora ignored it, everyone she knew had done it before, she kept an eye on Sara for more serious trouble.

But Sara’s 19th birthday celebration changed everything for Nora.

That week of the birthday, Nora received a text at work from Sara’s mother. She explained they were going away Friday night and came back the following Saturday evening. Sara would be alone celebrating her birthday somewhere out with friends. She asked Nora if Sara could have her number in case anything happened that night. Of course, Nora replied.

They ran into each other later that evening in the driveways and Sara’s mother thanked Nora again for being the back-up mom. She further explained Sara had a house party her friends were throwing her but promised to come home at a reasonable time, and alone. She suggested Nora could keep an eye out and check on Sara if required. 'Not a problem, happy to help' – Nora assured her.

Before the neighbors left, they all met again in the driveway that Friday. Nora came home from work, just as the neighbors were getting ready to leave. Sara said goodbye, excited to see them go for the night as any teenager would. When they drove off, Sara greeted Nora and went back inside the house.

Nora spent the evening cooking and drank a bottle of wine by herself. She noticed when Sara left the house, dressed up for a fun night out.

She made herself a tasty meal and had more wine watching Seinfeld episodes. One of her favorite shows.

Around 10 PM later that night, her husband came home from work. She could tell he had a few drinks when he kissed her good night and shortly after went to bed. Leaving her alone again, to enjoy Seinfeld.

Then, 20 minutes after midnight Nora received a text.

'Hey Mrs N, really sorry to text but are you still awake? Think I locked myself out xx Sara'

Nora giggled at the message, still awake and watching TV. She walked over to the window and saw Sara standing in their driveway, alone and holding her phone. Nora quietly opened the front door and called out to Sara.

'Yeah come on in silly girl. How was your night?' Nora said playfully. Expecting Sara to be drunk.

'It was great and thank you so much' – Sara hugged Nora and let herself in quietly. She smelled of alcohol and perfume, but still took good care of herself and was respectful of Nora.

When Nora followed her back to the living room, Sara already made herself comfortable on the couch next to where she was sat. The couch had an over-sized pillow Sara used and Nora brought her a nearby blanket. Sara’s light jacket was folded on a dining chair.

'Join me with some Seinfeld, maybe it’s before your time but still worth seeing' – Nora suggested and handed Sara a bottle of water.

'I’ve seen quite a few episodes already, what do you mean ‘before my time’?' Sara laughed, and explained she knew a lot of pop culture history from top ten lists online which she then researched more. Seinfeld was one of the better shows rated in TVs sitcom history.

'I quite like the characters and the positive messages of Frasier, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. Most people think it’s boring' – Sara quipped.

'I love Frasier' – Nora laughed.

Nora finished a second bottle of wine after dinner. When she opened a third, she played it off as the second to Sara. Not wanting to come across like a big drinker.

Nora poured herself another glass, and noticed Sara stared at the wine and a nearby empty glass on the table. Sara’s long, straight black hair opened her face in an elegant kind of way and matched it with her black dress and heels. She looked thirsty for some wine.

'Want some?' Nora asked.

'If I may…' - Sara replied quickly. Implying that she did not want to impose.

'Here' – Nora poured her a smaller amount in the other glass. She wanted to be considered the ‘cool mom’ by someone other than her own kids. And besi

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Notes 45-year-old Nora was a married professional woman from a small town in the Netherlands who started a secret affair with her neighbors friend’s daughter after helping out on the girl’s 19th birthday. What started off friendly evolved into a raunchy lesbian relationship that lasted for years.
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