Fictional Fantasies - Surrendering to the demands of the hottest stranger you've never seen - Chapter 1

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‘I literally can’t remember the last time I got laid,’ joked Luke, rubbing a hand across his stubbly, blond chin. ‘Probably a charity shag on Valentine’s Day.’

‘Huh! Join the club!’ Meg grimaced. ‘It’s probably been nearer a year for me.’ Liar, she thought to herself, guiltily picking at her nail varnish. You can treble that estimate.

‘Yeah, but Meg. I live in the same house as Beth. Sleep in the same bed. We’re supposed to be in a loving relationship. Whereas you’re…’

‘I’m depressingly single and probably way too picky to ever be anything else now.’

‘I’m sure that’s not true.’

‘I’m sure it is! I need a guy who intuitively knows what I want without me having to sit him down and spell it out. That would just blow me away. But he’d need to be a bloody mind reader!’ she laughed, twisting her long brown hair through her fingers.

‘What is it that you want?’ asked Luke thoughtfully, his blue eyes crinkling.

‘I want my fantasy man to act out my fantasies.’

‘And what are your fantasies?’ asked Luke quietly, putting his feet on the coffee table in front of him.

‘A secret,’ smiled Meg, cradling her glass of wine. ‘You see my problem?’

‘Do you think, if I knew Beth’s secret fantasies, she’d want me again? We used to shag like rabbits. I used to be what she needed,’ admitted Luke sadly.

‘Perhaps,’ ventured Meg. ‘Have you talked to her about it? Can you ask her?’

Luke shook his head.

‘Diaries?’ she enquired.

‘I couldn’t read someone’s diary!’ exclaimed Luke, looking shocked. ‘Besides, I don’t think she keeps one.’

‘Favourite books, films?’ Luke looked blank.

‘I hate to say it, Lukie, but I’m not sure you’re paying enough attention,’ observed Meg, swallowing the last of her wine and placing her glass carefully on the table. ‘Right, shall I take a quick look at this problem with your computer before I go?’


Sitting at the desk in his study, Meg admired the photographs adorning the small, cosy room in which she sat. Most of them were of Luke and Beth in various sunny locations, grinning cheesily at the camera. Sometimes they were clearly drunk, but always seemingly happy. Although they’d met several times, Meg and Beth had never been close friends; Beth always seemed a little apprehensive that Luke could have a platonic female friend who wasn’t a threat. Meg also represented the single life that Luke had enjoyed before they’d met; it hadn’t been particularly wild or exciting, but all the same, Beth had obviously not been a part of it and therefore regarded it with suspicion.

The software update Meg was installing for Luke seemed to be taking forever and she was running out of activities to do while she waited. Standing up and stretching, she wandered over to the window and stared dreamily outside. It was a fantastic English summer’s day; the sun shone hot and bright through clear blue skies. Dark, thick, green foliage of the surrounding oak trees stood out in direct contrast, and a heat haze was starting to build.

All in all, it was an absolutely perfect afternoon for the beach. Which, co-incidentally, was where she was heading in a few minutes. Bliss! And talking about bliss, the most gorgeous man Meg had ever laid eyes on was wandering half-naked around the garden. Ducking down, to stay out of his line of vision, Meg watched a tall, well-muscled, dark-haired man digging beside the shed. Dressed only in denim shorts torn at the knee, with sweat visibly running down his naked torso, Meg could see the pronounced muscles in his forearms and taut stomach as he worked. Gosh, he must be fit, displaying that level of stamina on such a hot day. Pity she didn’t have a reason to hire a gardener, although he might become suspicious to be called in just to tend to the flowerpots on her patio! Hearing Luke‘s approaching footsteps, Meg mentally shook herself, smoothed down the front of her skirt and turned to face the door.

‘Nearly there!’ said Meg in an over-bright voice, trying to ignore the hot flush that had appeared across her neck and chest from watching the gardener.

‘Thanks so much, Meg,’ smiled Luke. ‘You know how utterly computer illiterate I am!’

‘I certainly do!’ agreed Meg. Concentrating on the screen, she hit a sequence of keys with a flourish. ‘Right, that’s all done. Consider your new anti-virus software installed. So, now the boring stuff’s out of the way, are you sure you can’t come to the beach with me?’


Stripped to the waist, Jack strode into the kitchen and made a beeline for the sink. He downed a pint of water in seconds, immediately running the tap for a refill.

‘Phew! It’s crazy hot out there, little bro!’ he said, wiping beads of sweat from his face with his forearm.

‘Yeah, looks it,’ replied Luke distantly.

‘Any time you feel like helping out,’ said Jack with heavy sarcasm. ‘Please be my guest.’

‘Sorry. Stuff on my mind.’

‘Yeah? Who was the girl?’

‘Meg,’ replied Luke.

Jack looked quizzically at his younger brother and shrugged.

‘I’m sure I’ve mentioned her before,’ explained Luke. ‘While you were away slumming it in Edinburgh…’

‘That was nearly twenty years ago. And I’m not sure studying veterinary medicine at university, quite constitutes slumming it,’ interrupted a laughing Jack.

‘You say potato, I say pot-ato,’ Luke shrugged. ‘Anyway, as I was saying, whilst you were slumming it, Meg and I were living the high life at sixth form college. She was one of my best mates.’

‘Just a mate?’ questioned Jack. ‘You sure? She looks pretty cute.’

‘Of course I’m sure,’ replied Luke. ‘She’s my friend. And, incidentally, ten times better than any of the high maintenance, shallow women you’ve ended up with over the years.’

‘Thanks. None taken,’ said Jack sardonically. ‘Sounds like you’re trying to set me up on a date.’

‘No chance! I wouldn’t do that to her! Although, I have to say, Mum

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Written by fenella_ashworth
Cargado September 14, 2020
Notes "Rare and wonderful to find the perfect balance of intense sexuality and finely-crafted storytelling."

Depressingly-single, thirty-something Meg Oakley is the loveable girl next door. Nowhere near as experienced as she might seem, she is secretly an aspiring writer of erotica.

Publishing her work under a pseudonym and never sharing her secret, Meg believes she has guaranteed anonymity. That is, until she wakes up one night to find herself blindfolded and restrained by a mystery stranger...
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