Converting The Cute Bartender

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Converting The Cute Bartender

Preface-1 The SW and I have an agreement that we can hook up and fuck whomever we want as long as it does not come back to haunt us. For example no neighbors, no cheating spouses or any psycho’s.

Preface-2 When I am on business trips my standard routine is dinner by myself engrossed in a book and then back to my room to watch something stupid on TV. Very rarely do I engage with bartenders or waitstaff.

This past week I was in Charlotte for business when I went to a local chain restaurant to have dinner. The bartender (Dylan) was cute…sort of your girl next door cute. She engaged me right away by saying that I had nice eyes. For the next few hours she brought me drinks, we laughed & chit chatted when she could. She asked me what my plans were for the rest of the night. I told her my standard routine and she quickly and quietly said that she could be my substitute for stupid TV. I chuckled and said OK sounds like a plan. She gave me a cute smile and said perfect I get off at 11…maybe earlier if its slow. I said ok…what do you like to drink. She told me Captain Morgan and Ginger is her favorite…I said of I will pick some up. As I was finishing my drink I noticed that every time she passed me she touched my arms or my back.

We quietly exchanged cell numbers and I gave her my hotel information which was next door.

I went back to my room and we started the following text chain

Dylan-Miss Me Yet?

Me-Yep..cant wait to see you

Dylan-Which part do you want to see 1st

Me-What part do you want to show 1st

Dylan-Taking a break…will send you a pic in a few

Dylan-(sends me a picture of her shirt unbuttoned)

Me-WOW…those are awesome

Me-Are you single?

Dylan-Are you single?

Me-No…Wife and I are swingers.

Dylan-Yeah for swingers…I won’t have to worry about you trying to settle down and getting married lol

Me-Nope…are you single or will I have a big buff dude after me.

Dylan-Def single…big buff dude was pretty normal…just could not deal with me

Me-What is the wildest thing that you have done?


Dylan-Its a toss up between bukake parties where I was the only recipient or multiple 3-somes 4-somes where I let my bf fuck my friends. What about you?

Me-Wow…that’s awesome. Me I am in a swinging relationship so 3-somes 4-somes watching your wife get banged that’s all a normal weekend

Dylan-WOW Awesome

Me-Can u send me another pic

Dylan-OK let me take a break

Dylan-(sends me a picture of her vagina)

Me-Holy WOW…I cant wait to taste it

Dylan-(sends me a video of her masterbating and putting her finger inside of herself and saying taste this)

Me-Holy WOW

Dylan-I am bored and horny

Me-So am I

Dylan-Im not on the pill. If you have time can you run out and get condoms? If not no big deal I can get a Plan-B

Me-I am fixed

Dylan—sends multiple emojis YEAH!!!

Dylan-Looks like I am out of here in 30…see you in 35

Me-When you get off of the elevator.I want your pants unzipped and wide open. I want your shirt open/off and your boobs exposed.

Dylan-YES…I love being told what to do

Dylan texted that she was getting off on the elevator and if I wanted to see my wish that I should be there when she got off of the elevator. I made it to the elevator bank just as she got off.. She was wearing a sports bra that was pulled up over her boobs and a pair of workout shorts that were pulled down. We walked to the room, as soon as I closed the door I stripped off her clothes and threw them on the other side of the room. We started making out like 2 horny high school kids. She got on her knees and proceeded to give me a killer blow job. She then got on all 4’s and put her hair in 2 pony tails. She put my throbbing cock inside of her and I slowly started to fuck her. In an uncharacteristic voice she said fuck me like you hate me. I proceeded to pound her hard and faster the faster and harder that I went the more she screamed harder and faster. She then told me to pull her hair and spank her. The more that I thrust, the more that I spanked…she wanted more. Dylan came multiple times until she finally collapsed. She then rolled me onto my back and slid my cock inside of her and she its your turn. She rode me…I wasn’t able to touch her ass because it was tender from the pounding that I had just given her. She rode me slowly and whispered in my ear that she is happy that she met me and hoped that we can do this again. She lightly bit my ear lobe and I blew my load inside of her. Dylan collapsed from exhaustion on top of me. We woke up an hour later and she asked if she should go home and I said hell no.

Dylan cuddled up to me and we fell asleep. The next morning we woke up took a shower, got dressed and went and had coffee. From her perspective that was the most fun that she has had and wanted to meet up again. She offered to fuck the SW if she wanted or fuck me when the SW was busy.

We FaceTimed the SW and threw out a few ideas and the SW loved them all. We had made plans to head out with a few LS friends on our house boat and it would be nice to have Dylan along.

Written by brick3219
Cargado October 26, 2020
Notes Typically on a business trip I keep quiet and to myself. On my last trip to Charlotte I ran into Dylan and converted her to the swinger lifestyle
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