Karen the Soccer Mom

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I met her on Tinder and after a couple of messages back and forth, we agreed to meet. On her profile, Karen looked like a typical soccer mom. When her SUV with blacked out windows pulled up at the soccer field, I knew I had pegged her right. As I climbed into the passenger seat, I noted the car booster seat in the back along with a couple of soccer balls. Karen was indeed a soccer mom.
Beautiful with dark hair and big brown eyes, she looked around nervously at the empty parking lot as if she expected to see another parent pulling in beside us. I was eyeing her big tits that heaved as she bit her lip and she turned back to me.
In our messages, Karen had said she wanted to make out with a younger guy and watch him jerk off. In her mid-thirties, she had told me her husband had let himself go and had already gotten a big potbelly. According to her, he hadn’t even been able to see his own cock for six years. She wanted to watch a young virile man stroke his big hard cock until he exploded. At twenty-two, I was just the guy.
“Should we get started?” Karen asked as she took one last look around the empty parking lot. A couple of kids were playing baseball several hundred yards away but other than that, the place was empty.
“I’m more than ready.”
Unzipping my pants, I shoved them down my legs a bit as my cock started to harden. I’d never had anyone watch me jerk off before but knew it was going to fun as Karen watched my every move. Her ample chest heaved with excitement as she watched me.
“You don’t think I’m weird for wanting to watch this, do you? I just don’t want to cheat on my husband, but I need some excitement.” Karen told me as I pushed my shorts down and my cock slapped back against my stomach. I didn’t answer her but from the astonished look in her dazzling brown eyes, I knew she didn’t care what my answer was as she whispered, “It’s so big.”
Long and thick, my cock throbbed as I took it in my hand and stroked it to its full size. Karen’s eyes were glued to it. “You like, huh?”
“That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” she told me as her eyes were glued to my cock.
Putting on a show, I ran my thumb through the glistening pre-cum that was oozing from my tip and coated the head. Karen couldn’t tear her eyes away from my cock. A few more strokes and my pre-cum became a river as it ran down my cock as I stroked myself.
“You enjoying the show?” I asked as I jerked off faster.
“I love watching you do that,” Karen breathed as her eyes were riveted on my hand stroking my cock.
As I jerked off, Karen pulled her top down and took out her breasts. Large and firm, they were capped with hard red nipples that showed her excitement. She began pinching one of her nipples as she shoved a hand down her shorts. Through the thin fabric, I watched as she began stroking her circles around her clit and from the wet sounds her hand was making, I knew she as soaked. It took her only a few minutes of masturbating while I jerked off for Karen to come. She clamped her thighs together around her working hand and moaned as she arched her back in the driver’s seat. It was so hot. I’d never watched a girl masturbate before and I could see the allure of watching someone jerk off as I watched Karen pleasure herself to orgasm. It was pushing me quickly toward mine.

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Notes Meeting an older woman on Tinder, young man is more than willing to jerk off in front of a soccer mom. As things heat up, she can't keep her hands and lips off his cock.
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