The Triple-gasm

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Mike and I wanted someone to dominate us and take complete control. Moreover, Mike wanted to watch me being fucked by another man. We got that and more than we bargained for with Chase.
It was the best night of our lives.
We met Chase online and after making the usual inquiries and a brief meet up to size each other up, it was a go. He met us at a hotel room in the city and when he walked in, the nice guy we had met completely changed as he took over control of my husband and me and our bodies.
“Strip,” he ordered as he threw his coat over the back of a chair. “Both of you. Let’s see what I have to work with.”
Neither Mike nor I had ever stripped naked for anyone other than each other. Chase circled us as we dropped our clothes piece by piece onto the floor. It was embarrassing, titillating and erotic as he stalked around us while we undressed like a lion sizing up his pray. As I pulled my bra off and dropped it on the floor, Chase stopped in front of me and looked me up and down from head to toe.
My breasts are firm and stand out proudly capped with big red nipples. They were hard enough to cut diamonds I was so turned on and as my husband watched, Chase took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it painfully. Gasping, I felt a surge of wetness between my legs. He released my painfully tight nipple and cupped both my thirty-eight D’s in his hands and kneaded them softly. He glanced at Mike who was watching everything as he dropped his shorts displaying his small hard erection.
“Your wife has perfect tits,” Chase told him then he looked down at Mike’s cock that was pulsating in front of him. “More than I can say for that puny cock, Cuck.”
Mike’s hands flew to cover his diminutive cock as he blushed. My poor husband is not blessed with being well endowed. While five inches is the average for an average American male penis, Mike comes in slightly under that. It was the small size of his cock that made him want to see me pleasured by someone else; someone with much larger equipment than him. From the pictures that we had requested from Chase, our new friend would more than take care of Mike’s need for that.
Chase turned back to me, “Take your panties off.”
Obeying, I pulled my panties down my legs and shimmied out of them as they pooled around my feet. Chase’s eyes took me again from top to bottom before resting on my shaved mound. As per his order, it was shaved and waxed clean. He stepped to me again and shoved a thick finger into my wet slit as I flinched. When he probed into my wet hole, I almost came I was so excited. Gasping, I struggled to retain my footing as the large man fingered me in front of my husband. Mike’s eyes were glued to Chase’s hand probing between my thighs.
“On the bed on your hands and knees,” Chase ordered, and Mike and I obeyed.
Behind us I heard him take off his shirt then heard his belt slide from his belt loops. Punishment hadn’t been part of the discussions leading up to the evening but as I looked over at Mike, I could see he was trembling with excitement and anticipation. The embarrassment of exposing his small cock to another man was forgotten for now.
When the belt whizzed through the air, it connected with the soft flesh of my plump ass. Yelping in pain, my hips gyrated from the blow and I felt my wetness start to coat my entire cunt. When the next blow landed on Mike’s ass and he hissed, my wetness coated the insides of my thighs. Chase took turns whipping us both as we cried out. Mike reached his hand over halfway through our punishment and took mine. We both were more aroused than ever in our lives. When the whipping stopped and the flesh on my ass was throbbing with pain, I was both relieved and ready to vault myself on Chase. Instead, he ordered us both off the bed and to kneel on the floor.
Obeying, Mike and I looked up at Chase and I gasped when I saw his bare chest and washboard abs. The man was gorgeous. He kicked off his shoes and as we watched, he stripped his jeans down his muscular legs. We watched him enthralled. Standing in front of us, Chase pulled his shorts down revealing his cock and we looked at it in shock.
“Oh my God,” Mike blurted out.
“It’s huge,” I muttered as my eyes were glued to Chase’s thick appendage.
Long and thick, it was starting to rise toward us in a graceful arc. Chase had the biggest cock either one of us had ever seen. As he wrapped a big hand around his shaft and stroked himself to full size, I noted his own hand didn’t fit around it. It had to be nine inches long. As he stepped toward me, my lips instinctively parted as a trail of precum brushed my lower lip. As his salty taste filled my mouth and he probed between my lips, my jaw ached instantly. Feverishly, I began sucking his cock trying to milk more precum from him with my lips. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mike watching me and licking his lips nervously.
“She gives good head, Cuck. Can she deep throat?”
“Yes,” Mike replied, unable to tear his eyes away from the cock stretching my mouth open with every thrust.
“Your puny cock maybe. Let’s see how she does with my cock.”
Chase grabbed my head and rammed his cock into the back of my throat as I gagged and coughed. Holding my head like a vice, he thrust his huge cock between my lips as I struggled to time my breathing with his thrusts. When he finally pulled out giving me a reprieve, I gasped for air and a trail of spit hung from my chin as I looked up at him. My juices ran from my cunt like a river.
“Nope. Just as I thought. Not with a real cock anyways,” Chase told Mike.
I thrust his cock back into my mouth eager to suck more of him into my throat. Chase held my head and guided me. I wanted to deep throat him and prove him wrong, but his cock was too long and thick. Finally, I pulled him out of my mouth and looked up at him. My chin was a mess and a cold trail of spit ran down between my breasts. With his cock on my chin, I smiled up at him.
“Let’s see if Cuck can do it

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Notes A cuckold and his wife get more than they bargained for. How will it end? Read the rest on Medium to find out.
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