Hot Ride – Taken by the Bad-Boy

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Once they arrived at his room, Rip reached into his pocket for the keycard. But before he slid it into the slot, he tucked his finger under Hayley’s chin and tipped it up. “You can still call this off. I don’t want you to feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“If you want to get rid of me, you’ll have to try harder than that.”

He laughed. “Believe me, the last thing I want to do is get rid of you.” He kissed her.

She pushed the keycard into the slot and opened the door. He pressed his hand to the small of her back and guided her inside.

She smiled. “I’m glad we finally—”

Suddenly, he propelled her back against the door as it closed, trapping her within his arms.

* * *

Hayley sucked in a breath as he pinned her to the door. The heat of him, and the hardness of his muscular body against hers, sent her heart pounding. His strong arms planted on either side of her made her feel like his captive. Her pulse pounded in her ears and hormones blasted through her.

On the way up the elevator, he’d been so considerate and charming. A knight in shining leather.

But now… Oh, God, she was alone in his room. A rough, tattooed biker whom she didn’t know anything about. And he was so big and intimidating. On his arm, right beside her face, she could see the head of a fire breathing dragon tattooed on his arm, the flames lapping along his wrist. It looked so real, she could almost feel the heat from those flames.

Or was it just the heat he stirred within her.

“You look nervous.” He smiled, seemingly unconcerned by her anxiety.

“You surprised me, that’s all.” But there was a quiver in her voice.

“You came here with me because you want to be with a bad-boy.” His face moved close and he nuzzled her neck, his raspy face rough against her skin. “You weren’t expecting roses and wine, were you?”

His lips brushed her neck again and tingles danced through her as goose bumps flashed across her skin. He kissed her temple, then nibbled her ear lobe. When he puffed air into her ear, a murmur of pleasure escaped her lips. She slumped against the door for support as her knees went weak.

He chuckled, then nuzzled her ear. “You like that.” His hands skimmed down her sides, then he grabbed a handful of fabric and tugged lightly at the skirt of her long, slinky dress. “Should I take you right here?”

He tugged a little higher, the hem now at her knees.

“Would you like that?” His lips grazed her neck again. “Being fucked hard and fast against the door?”

His other hand skimmed up the side of her torso, then stopped a hair from her breast. She arched slightly, wanting to feel his big, masculine hand cup her aching flesh.

“Or would you rather I drag you to the chair and bend you over, then take you from behind?”

His lips caressed her jaw and she whimpered as his fingertips lightly stroked the underside of her breast. Just the barest whisper of a touch.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, plunging her tongue into his mouth. He tasted of tequila and a hint of beer. She stroked his shoulders, then dragged one hand down his muscular chest, over his rock-hard abs, then the length of the impressive bulge in his pants.

“You’re a take charge kinda guy.” She squeezed his cock. “You decide.”

He groaned. “Fuck, you’re killing me.”

He pulled her tight to his body, then devoured her mouth. His tongue pushed deep, forcing her mouth wide. Then he shoved her against the door again. She trembled as he grabbed her skirt and pushed it to her waist, then reached underneath and stroked over her panties. He pushed them aside and she gasped when he slid his finger over her slick folds. Then pushed inside.

A slow smile spread across his face. “Yeah, that’s what I want to feel.”

Holding her tight to the door with his hip, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Long, hard, veins throbbed on the shaft. She felt the hot head brush her intimate flesh.

God, he meant it when he said he’d take me right here against the door.

And she wanted him to. She was desperate to feel that huge iron rod glide into her.

His cockhead slid the length of her slit, his hot shaft caressing her until she wanted to cry out for him to shove it inside. As if reading her mind, or more likely the need in her eyes, he positioned his cockhead at her opening then, painfully slowly, pushed inside.

Just an inch.

Her internal muscles clutched at him, as if they could pull him inside.

He moved a little deeper, until his plum-sized cockhead was fully immersed. She whimpered, waiting for him to continue. To push into her all the way. She ached for him.

Then he pulled out and stepped back.

“Now take off the damn dress.”

She reached behind her and unzipped it, then let it drop to the floor. His hot male gaze traveled the length of her body, lingering first on the black lace, strapless bra that held her breasts high, then on the black and red panties, framed by the black garter belt and dark stockings she wore.

She stepped out of the dress, careful not to catch her red spike heels on the fabric and trip. She quivered as he continued to look at her, an appreciative light in his eyes. He stepped closer, then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. He peeled it from her body, freeing her aching breasts.

Part of her wanted to cover her nipples for modesty’s sake, but a more wicked side wanted him to look at her. To admire her.

He cupped her breast. When his thumb stroked over her hard nub, electricity shot through her. She drew in a slow, deep breath.

“You have beautiful tits.”

She’d never liked that word, but for some reason, when he said it, it turned her on.

Probably because she was so incredibly hot after him teasing her with his cock. That and his thumb gliding over her nipple, making it throb with need. She could barely think straight. If he wanted her to call them tits, she

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Written by Opal Carew
Cargado August 21, 2020
Notes From New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew. Hayley is looking for
more excitement in her life and finds herself alone with Rip, a biker who’s
seen more than his share of trouble. Hayley is nervous, but Rip’s
dominating manner is offset by his teasing nature. (A scene from Hot Ride.)

This fun and sexy scene includes a sense of danger, domination, submission,
foreplay including oral sex, a nice big cock, dirty talk, intense sex with
penetration, and explosive mind-blowing orgasms.
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