Girlfriend pays rent with her mouth...and more

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I'm a 32 year old male, tall and strong. My girlfriend is 26, strawberry blonde hair with beautiful C cup breasts and a fit body. She had just moved in with me a few months ago and we were still figuring each other out and exploring our sexual limitations. I am constantly pushing the boundaries and she reluctantly goes along, usually loving it in the end. Last week she walked into the tv room, wearing a beautiful little sun dress and she looked so scared.
"We just got told we are shutting down because of covid... I'm out of a job"
She was shocked and processing the down stream impacts, I knew I would be floating the two of us for a while. I comforted her and told her it was going to be ok, she pressed her face into my chest and cried. For a while now I told her she needed to get out of bartending and move into something more stable, but she didn't listen.
"I'm not going to be able to pay my portion of the rent"
She looked up at me with her glassy eyes.
"It's okay baby, you will find a way to make it work" I consoled her
"I have no money saved, I won't be able to pay you my portion of the rent"
I paused for a second, I made good money and I was paying the full rent before she moved in anyway. I might as well have fun with this and get something out of it I thought.
"That's fine, you can pay with your mouth"
"Huh?" She looked at me stupidly
This dumb bitch, I said "you are going to pay your portion of the rent with your mouth"
She begun to understand what I meant but before she could say anything I slapped her across the face with the an open hand and she fell off the couch.
"Get on your knees" I commanded, she didn't say anything she did as she was told.
I unbuttoned my jeans as i stood up and pulled out my semi hard cock. She started to open her mouth as I lightly played with myself.
"You are going to suck this dick everyday you don't pay your part of the rent"
"Yes Daddy"
She jumped hungrily at me and inhaled all 8 inches of my now completely hard cock. I had pushed her limits over the past few months to learn to deep throat, she was making quiet gagging noises when she took all of me in her mouth and was starting to cover my cock in her spit.
I reached forward and grabbed her long, strawberry blonde hair in my hand. She put her mouth around the head of my cocks and ran her tongue across the top while she grabbed my balls with one hand and the shaft of my cock with the other, looking up at me for approval.
"Fucking slut, you have to suck dick for rent"
I grabbed her jaw and held her hair in my other hand and started fucking her mouth as if it was her pussy. My balls were slapping her chin and she couldn't move as I held her in place, forcing my cock down her throat. I was pushing her to the limit, her eyes were watering and I could tell she was struggling to breath.
I pushed all of my cock as deep as I could into her mouth and held it there. She looked up at me with begging eyes as she tried to fight her gag reflex. I pulled my cock out and she collapsed onto the ground, gasping for air.
She was wearing a loose sun dress and as she lay on the ground I noticed her pink tight pussy, covered in trimmed ginger pubic hair.
"Why aren't you wearing any panties"
She rolled over to confront me, she spread her legs and smirked with spit all over her mouth "... Because I planned on paying rent with this pussy"
She inserted one finger into herself and begun to play while I slid my jeans and shirt off. I sat on the couch with a fully hard cock and watched her lay on the floor and play with her pussy.
"Come sit on my cock"
She stood up and climbed onto the couch on all fours beside me
"No, I want you to fucking pound me"
I stood up as she pushed her ass towards me and looked back at me. Her pussy was visibly wet.
"You better go put a condom on first though" we had only been dating for half a year and she always made me wear a condom... Fuck that I thought.
I grabbed her by the hips as I stood behind her and began pushing my cock inside of her. She was so tight and groaned as I pushed myself deeper inside of her.
She looked back at me "you're so bad you better not fucking cum inside of me"
I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I put the last few inches of my cock inside of her.
"Shut the fuck up"
I started picking up speed, thrusting myself deep inside of her.
She put her head down and started moaning, "oh my god baby, you feel so good"
I smacked her ass and she screamed with joy.
"I'm going to cum" she groaned as my cock penetrated her pussy over and over again. She grabbed hold of the couch, clenching her fists and started pushing her ass back into my cock.
She looked back at me "I'm fucking cumming"
I grabbed her hair, cracked her ass again with my hand and started fucking her pussy like a jack hammer. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, she pushed her face into the couch and started screaming as she came. Her body twitched and she squirmed as I pushed my cock deep inside of her with a big thrust while she came.
"Holy fuck baby"
I pulled my cock out to find it completely covered in her cum. My balls were drenched. She spun around, out of breath and gazed up at me with an open mouth.
"Look at the mess you made" I said as I pointed to my cock. She took me inside of her mouth and begun sucking my cock while playing with my balls. I could feel the urge to cum starting to rise. She pushed me away for a second and lifted her dress off. She put one hand between her legs and the other on my cock, pulling me closer.
"Do you like it better when I pay rent with my mouth" she said as she stroked my cock and started licking balls.
"Or do you prefer that I pay with my pussy" she turned around again, on all fours and presented her pussy, dripping wet. I pushed my cock back inside of her pussy, it gushed with juices.
"Neither" I said, "it's time to pay rent with this ass"
I spit down into her asshole and began rubbing my thumb across it. She had never

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Notes Girlfriend loses job and pays her portion of rent with her mouth and pussy ...and first time anal!
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