Best Sex (I've had) Ever

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Although I prefer the more "fruity" drinks, (I don't really like the taste of alcohol) I drink to get impaired. So I don't mind doing "shots" or just guzzling the alcohol to reach my goal. That being said, I don't really have a "favorite drink." However, liquor releases my "inhibitions."

The "best sex" I ever had was after a 4 LOKO and a "Slurpee" cup full of a blended mix of a LOT of vodka, fruit concentrate, and frozen fruit. Both my SO and I were FAR beyond "drunk." (We know to stay hydrated to avoid feeling sick) We turned off the TV and retired of to bed.

Before I could get my robe off, she pushed me down on the foot of the bed and started furiously felating me. It should be noted, I'm a "lover" not a "fighter," so I am (usually) turned-off by violence. (Dominance) I am fueled by "desire," dominance, is the opposite. However, I was (Heavily) impaired. I didn't care. I wanted her and I wanted her NOW.

After some sort of drunken "wrestling" manuver, I had her pinned down on her back, one hand holding her hands above her head the other, firmly grasped on her throat. She's too self conscious to enjoy cunnilingis, so I was clear to engage. (Not that she had a choice)

She was soaking wet, so I was able to glide right in. I'd vary that position a few times, releasing her hands and/or throat to hold up a leg or two. About 10 minutes and a "puddle" later, I decided we should move this the rest of the way onto the bed. I pulled out and smacked her on the a** (which is my signal to turn over) and just kinda guided her the rest of the way on the bed.

With a hand full of hair in one hand and a hand full of a** cheek in the other, I could thrust full force, balls slamming against her "soft mound." Her orgasms were so powerful, she'd nearly force me out with the amount of pressure she'd exert when clenching. It was during one of these where my own "eruption" became inevitable.

At that point, I was grasping both her shoulders, so I was "balls deep" as I convulsed. I pulled out and gave her a** a slap as I usually give her a "last one" with my fingers. Once she got over on her back, she started pulling up the blankets. She told me she was done for the night and rolled over to her side snuggling the blankets as she turned.

Before I could even adjust my pillows, she was fast asleep. I have insomnia, so I keep a clock visible so I can track how many hours I'm asleep or awake. I remember, it was after 1 AM. My alarm woke me up at 10 for me to get up and take my meds. I to, had fallen (immediately) asleep. I slept the whole night.

We hadn't "f**ked" like THAT in over a decade. That was a year ago, but I remember it as if it was just last night.

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Cargado September 22, 2020
Notes I love to be taken. Not in a dominant way, but a passionate way.
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