More Than Friends: Night One

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I became a cam girl a few months ago when I was low on funds. My rent increased, my job cut my overtime, and I didn’t know of any quick options other than begging my friends for money. I couldn’t take the embarrassment, so I turned on my webcam, found a website that paid well, and made it work.

I’m looking at my options. A better paying job, cheaper place, stripping for strangers on the internet as my full-time job. Cam work pays well enough, plus the bonus of orgasms. I fear what I would tell my family and friends.

Tonight a regular has requested a private show. His user name is CallMeSir, but the first private show we did he told me to call him “TJ.” I don’t know TJ outside this realm. He doesn’t use voice, like other regulars. He types what he wants from me. It makes it more difficult to follow orders because I have to be close to the screen to read his words. But we make it work.

I have my hair done in waves. TJ complimented my hair a few times. In the mirror, I put on my brightest red lipstick, my red push-up bra, and lacy red panties. He likes lace.

I have my box of toys nearby. I arranged it earlier in the way TJ usually instructs me to use the toys. Nipple clamps, paddle, this lube with menthol he instructed me to buy that makes my clit or nipples more sensitive, and the vibrating dildo. There are more dildos in another box, butt plugs, just in case he has a new request.

I log on and test my cam and mic. I arrange myself in a pout and watch the screen.

CallMeSir has logged on.

We begin.

“Hello TJ. How are you?”

CallMeSir: Hello, Cinnamon. I’m tired after a long day. How are you?

“Mmm. I’m okay. Work was nothing special, but I thought about you. I wondered what you would make me do tonight.” I slide my index finger between my lips and suck on it, giving him a coy look.

CallMeSir: I thought about you too. I only went to the bathroom once to masturbate. What about you?

I didn’t have time, but that’s not sexy. “My panties were soaked all day, but I didn’t want to waste an orgasm at work. I wanted to save it for you.”

CallMeSir: I think that’s better. I like the idea of you on edge all day while you think of me.

I’ve made him an avatar in my head. He’s probably nothing like I imagine. But I imagined him as tall, dark, and handsome. WIth piercing green eyes or perhaps blue. Or dark soulful brown. So his eyes change depending on my mood. He has that scruffy look that’s hot. It would scrape my inner thighs.

I want to keep talking to him. I want to ask him personal questions. But when I have attempted to turn the conversation personal, he’s been evasive. I know he has a right to be anonymous, but we talk a couple times a week, at least once in private per week, and he joins my public shows. But it lacks the intimacy of our private sessions. And the way he makes me feel in them. I’ve done the cam shows for a five months but only know TJ for about two months. I look forward to them way more than I should. Even when I am not with him, I use his words, his instructions every time I touch myself.

“Should we get started?” I shouldn’t be so blunt. Maybe I should keep flirting until he asks.

CallMeSir: I love the red lipstick. I’d like your lips wrapped around my dick.

“I’d like to have your dick in my mouth. Listen to you moan while I use my tongue on you.”

CallMeSir: I bet you get all sloppy when you suck dick.

I do love a good sloppy dick sucking session.

CallMeSir: Get that purple dildo, the one with the veins, almost like a real dick. It’s bigger than most guys, but show me.

“You’re bigger than most guys, though.” I bend to my toy box beside me and open the latch on top. He can’t see my smirk. Every guy thinks they are the biggest and best.

I find the dildo he requests and pop back onto the screen with it. I wiggle my hand and make it flop around with a grin.

CallMeSir: You’re being a brat tonight already, Cinnamon. I might have to spank you.

Yes I am bigger than most guys.

I avoid shaking my head. Whatever you want to believe, sunshine. It’s his money.

I stroke my hand along the fake dick. I put on my best sexy voice. “TJ, you have the biggest dick I’ve seen. I don’t know if I can handle someone this big.”

CallMeSir: You’ll take it, my slutty girl. Now suck on the tip.

I part my lips and suck on the head of the dick. I pretend it’s human, warm, it’s attached to the tall, dark, handsome man and he’s standing above me while I stroke him, while I taste him.

One eye is on the screen, waiting further instruction.

CallMeSir: Take it deeper. Show me how deep you can get.

He knows it’s not deep. He likes making me gag on it though. My sick bastard. I press my tongue down on the floor of my mouth and shove it deep until I can’t handle it. I swallow hard, but my gag kicks in.

CallMeSir: I think that’s deeper than last time. I want you to practice for the next week once a day hold it as deep as you can for as long as you can. If you improve, there will be a tip.

I nod, staring straight at the camera, my mouth full of purple dick. Hopefully straight into his eyes. I imagine they are dark tonight. Dark and brooding.

CallMeSir: Get sloppy down on it. Let me see your spit run down your chin.

I use my tongue around his dick, loosening my lips enough so he can watch my tongue working the flesh. Saliva drips from my mouth down my chin. I struggle to stop myself from wiping it away, instead I force myself to push more out.

CallMeSir: Good girl. If I had enough money to buy you for a night, I’d cover you in my come. I’d fill your mouth with my cum and watch it drip down your chin. Would you like that?

From him? Probably.

“Yes, Sir. I’d like to be filled with your come, covered in it.”

My pussy is wet and electrified. I want to touch myself.

CallMeSir: You’re such a dirty girl. After I filled your mouth, I’d push you on the bed and spank your ass red.

This is the part he enjoys most. Mak

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Written by Asrai Devin
Cargado August 13, 2020
Notes Chloe started cam work to pay her rent. But she's found herself addicted to one client in particular.
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