Paying Me In Different Ways

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About three months ago, as I was finishing up a job, I heard a female call out my name. I looked around to see who it was, and noticed the woman across the street from the house where I was working, standing on her porch, waving to me. Her name was Jessica, and I had done work at her house several years ago. Unfortunately, it didn't work out because her husband was a real cocky guy, whom I later came to find out was shady as hell. He owed me some money, and never paid me, which is why I stopped working on their property. As I saw Jessica waving at me, I started walking towards her, wondering what she wanted. I crossed the street and met her on the sidewalk in front of her house. The first thing I noticed as I approached her was that the house was a mess, with the grass almost knee-high. It was odd to see the house that way because they always took really good care of it. The husband ran a bunch of businesses, and always had people working around the house to keep it in order.

Once I was next to her, she greeted me and asked how I was doing. I told her I was great and asked how she had been. She looked down at the sidewalk, and softly said that she wasn't doing so well. I asked her what was up, and she told me that a lot of things have happened since I had last worked on the property. I looked at her and asked if she was okay, and she said that she was going through a rough patch and started to talk about her husband and how she was divorced. I was shocked, as I had no idea about that. I worked across the street from her house, once a week, and had no idea they had split. His truck was still in the driveway, which made it confusing. As I asked, what had happened, she began to say something about him being in jail, and I quickly cut her off. I told her that it sounded like some private stuff, and that she didn't really have to tell me. She insisted that she wanted to because she needed to talk to me, so I decided, to listen to her, but not in front of the house. I told her to meet me on the southern end of town, where there was a big park, with a bunch of soccer fields. I said I would be waiting in the back corner of the park, and for her to meet me there at lunchtime. This way she could talk to me, and none of the neighbors would know or see what we were talking about. There were a lot of nosy people on the block and they didn’t need to hear about her troubles. I didn't want to go into her house and talk, because I knew her kids were there and I'm sure that it probably wasn't a great subject to discuss with them present. She agreed to my plan, and said that she would meet me at lunch. With that, I went back across street to finish up what I was doing, before heading to the park.

As I drove across town, I thought about what she had mentioned, and a part of me was happy that she had split from her husband. Like I said, he was a cocky businessman, who was a bit older than her. He was making money with his businesses, and he thought that he was better than everyone because of it. She was blinded by the money, and married him, against her family’s wishes. I think it got to the point where they disowned her and stopped talking to her because they couldn't stand him. I wasn't surprised, because he was a real scumbag. I had actually felt bad for her when I first met her, because she seemed like a sweetheart who was lost. Unfortunately he knocked her up, having five kids, so she was stuck at the time. She was a good-looking woman, and I had no idea what she saw in him, besides the money.

I arrived at the park a short time later, and parked my truck and trailer, while waiting for Jessica to arrive. Surprisingly, she arrived a short time after I did and parked next to my truck. She got out and walked over to where I was standing, and we greeted each other once again. We then began to walk, towards the back corner of the park where there were marshes and wetlands. I used to go back there when I was a kid and ride my bike through the tall weeds, and along the waters edge. It was a spot where a lot of high school lovers would sneak to after class to hook up because it was such a secluded area. Nowadays, it was deserted and nobody ever really went back there. I would walk around back there whenever I needed to clear my head because it was a quiet place.

We walked along and began to chat, about the last several years. She told me that a lot had happened and began to break it down. Apparently, her husband, who I always suspected of being shady, was ripping off a lot of clients, and that's why he always had so much money. I guess it finally caught up with him one day, and he ended up getting arrested. He went to court, and was ordered to pay back all the money, on top of fines, and also got jail time. Throughout the process, she got tired of all the crap, and divorced him, which was probably the best thing she could have done. Unfortunately, when he went off to jail, he didn't have much money to pay back the people he owed. This left her in a terrible situation. She had a home with a mortgage, along with five kids to feed. She had a part-time job but was having trouble finding regular work because she didn't have a college education. As she continued on, I started realizing that she was in a real bad situation, and truly felt bad for her.

We continued walking and talking, until we got to an area where an old train trestle was. As I saw it, a bunch of memories of the good old days, came rushing back. We stood under the trestle and continued to chat, as she continued to vent. After telling me everything that was going on, I told her that I truly felt sorry for her and wished that there were some way that I could help her. She smiled and said that's why, she had wanted to talk to me. She knew that she owed me money from the jobs I had done years ago, and really wanted to pay me back, but didn't have the means. I told her that I understood the situation and told her not to worry about that, be

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Notes Old customer falls on some hard times and cant afford to pay me for my work....we reach an agreement...
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