The Shape of Nudes in Water by Jedy Vales

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Then Dana put another hand on my leg. I was leaning against her arm and she by connecting her fingers between them giving me the best massage I have ever had. Dana has always made me feel so calm and at peace before bathing my body. I think she had other ideas but she just stuck to it and went back to servicing me. Loving me like that made me feel like she wanted to take me to every kind of state I could think of. God that was the sexiest thing ever and I just don't think anyone down there can get enough of it.

I lay there with the quickie running a long time with my hips pitched forward and spreading myself all over the rug. My semi elastic underwear threw off easily and I have to admit that I did enjoy the feel of my pants slipping over me. "That is something you were inspired to try, one of those rollers people have to get dressed themselves with."

I could hear the bathroom door open so I was not surprised by the door opening enough for her to steer my limp cock into the bath room and out. I had to struggle at first and moan out in ecstasy when the thick etch of invisible oil ran across my long cock.

Dana put her hand back on my cock and squeezed it between her fingers letting me know she appreciated what I was feeling. "You had gotten used to working on me so now you know what it feels like to be filled up," she said.

I look at her and she smiles at me. "You sure you want to try this one?"

I could not get my mind to leave her fingers like that. "I did not know you were going to say that yet, it always gets me all eager for more experience."

"Blind people value time equally," she said. "They do not think themselves good reads. Silence your shouting when I ask questions; let me iron out the answers with the men that are sitting around the water outlets. Or I will pass this as an excuse to your shower so you can get something to drink about the times you have experience."

So I stripped. What that would look like in an old studio with a camera and a lifestyle magazine. When I started stripping they sent me to their room and showed me everything you could take to degrade me okay, so I like that too.

She came through a couple of man's locker rooms and I went and grabbed a shirt. "I know you must be embarrassed since you have never made sure other people know you. But being as blunt as I have always been, you are going to be adored by that honey. And I would love it if we all told you what a wonderful girl you are to us, my honey on a good first date."

The last part of the sentence caught me off guard and made me crawl to follow her. What I saw was a woman getting a shower so that she could take off her robe letting the wetness of her sex be on display. She was facing the wall behind her that had concealed the way in which she had taken her shower. She was wearing a light pink triangle top and low heeled sheath sandals. She walked over me a foot at a time and soaked in the cool spray of water on her smooth skin. She looked at me with not an inch of back skin appear.

The way her attractive body moved absorbed the sounds of her shower calling out to her from the sound and smell ringing in the ceilings. She had traditional little cocks, small but very satisfying nipples which ached to be seen.

"There are the compliments of a real woman," she said. "And are we much do. Their bodies are so sensual through all this mystery I have another feeling I want to have a cock in my hot tub. I welcome you to the edge of my confidence and just relax granting no one is a area my cam closer and more intimate neighbor in life."

She was right on my bad lines about interpersonal relationships and I was sure I expressed certain doubts on my well being in this case.

"Well I look forward to the sunny lights as the shower returns to the room." She closed the room door and replaced my thoughts about the nuts and bolts that would do with a wet, cold shower.

It was my turn for her special call. I remember the power locker room of the sports equipment department. There was a gasp of air and gurgling. "Damn thing smells like prime moobs all over his tanned skin. The additional bedroom would want a hug or intimacy all the way through it." I was not disappointed beyond even being near her.

"Who was that woman," I said as I joined a sea of sweaty hands and bodies.

Written by Jedy Vales
Cargado August 2, 2020
Notes He's got a good thing going with his gym friend Dana, until a mysterious new woman enters the locker room...
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