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“Come here, Toy,” his voice commanded. He rested on the purple bed, stark naked. His rugged hand pointing to the side of the bed

“Yes, Owner,” a soft voice answered from across the room. A young woman appeared in the doorway, her long hair, tied in a tight ponytail, had an ebony shine to it. She too was naked, her lightly tan skin exposed for all to see. Luna took a few unsure steps, gyrating her voluptuous hips with each stride. She reached the bedside and kneeled on the cold floor before her owner in complete silence.

“Do you remember your safeword, Luna?” He asked, ensuring their limits were in place for what’s to come.

“Yes, Owner,” Luna confirmed, “yellow means slow down, red means stop.”

“Good, Toy, you may join me on the bed,” he offered a small reward for her behavior.

She did as told, still keeping to her hand and knees. The soft mattress was much better on her knees and she was glad her owner was kind enough to let her use the bed. Her heart was beating wildly, and she was pretty sure he too could hear it in the darkness that lurked around the room.

“I missed you, Toy, feels like the last time I played with you was years ago,” he played with the thought.

“You played with me yesterday, Owner,” Luna whispered the truth, realizing what she just did a fraction of a second before she felt his hand. Spanking her ass with a loud cracking sound that filled the room. She screamed as a searing red handprint appeared on her right butt cheek.

“What did you just say?” He wondered, giving her a chance to apologize for her daring answer.

“Nothing of value, Owner,” she whispered, lowering her head in hope of lightning the blow, it didn’t help her. She felt his hand gripping her ponytail and pulling her towards him. She yelped, part in surprise and part in pain, as their brown eyes met.

His gaze was intoxicating, almost paralyzing, “You misbehaved, Toy, being a wisecrack of all things?”

“I’m sorry, Owner, I don’t know what came over me,” she pleaded.

“I’m not sorry, you need to learn some discipline,” his eyes glistened. They looked like two deep pools that called her soul in, demanding she dove as deep into them as she could.

“No, owner, please, I don’t like it,” she tried to protest but found she was powerless against him.

“Luna,” he commanded in a soft voice, “orgasm for me.”

She felt a buzz that originated in her core, deep inside her belly. It was faint but clear, a need that governed her senses. Her arms and legs changed their consistency to wobbly butter as she started to shake. In seconds, the buzz turned into a full-blown orgasm. Her muscles shook uncontrollably as her vacant wet slit pulsated with joy. She tried to drop her head and close her eyes, but his firm grip on her hair made sure she wouldn’t.

It took her a minute to calm down, “I hate orgasming like that…” She protested, hoping it won’t come with another price tag.

“I hate wisecracks,” he answered, ignoring her complaint and expressing his own, “you came once, I think you should repay the favor.”

She felt his hand releasing her hair, it fell down, cascading along her right shoulder. “How can I repay you, Owner?” She asked.

“You can go down on me, Toy, I’ll give you three minutes to get it done,” he said with a smile.

She moved over to his crotch and inspected his dick. It rested calmly, completely limp, no bigger than 2 inches. Beneath it was a huge fist-sized sack containing two large balls, unproportionate to his dick, making it look even smaller. She didn’t want to waste the little time she had, knowing her owner was a difficult one to please. Her delicate hand reached and grabbed the small penis with two fingers, feeling the soft flesh as she shifted it around and examined it.

Lowering her head, Luna closed the distance and opened her ruby lips, taking the dick in her mouth. Her tongue wiggled around the warm appendage as she sucked on it gently. The penis responded with a pulse of pleasure, expanding a little before shrinking back down again. Luna noticed it didn’t shrink as much as it expanded.

The process repeated itself once, then twice, then thrice. Suddenly, Luna noticed she wasn’t sucking on a two-inch penis anymore. In her mouth was, what felt like, a semi-erect cock, more than twice the size it started. While she enjoyed having more to work with, the cock kept pulsating with each flicker of her tongue, growing and filling her mouth.

“Two minutes left,” she heard his voice as the rod in her mouth achieved its full size. The once tiny thing was now bigger than her mouth, leaving enough length outside for her hand to join the party and hold it in place. It was very thick, scraping against her teeth when she bobbed her head, even though she opened her mouth so wide her jaw started to hurt. She started to feel time racing as she put all her soul into the blowjob. She sucked and caressed the bulbous head over and over but other than the occasional pulse it showed no sign of excitement.

“One minute left, Toy,” he declared, “I’m not sure you’re gonna make it.”

“It’s not fair,” Luna protested as she took the cock out of her mouth, “No way I can make you cum in three minutes, especially with you being limp for starters. Besides, you’re resisting m-,” she didn’t get to finish her complaint. His firm hand wrapped around her neck and pushed her head down, forcing his cock into her mouth. She knew better than to bite him in spite, she tried that once and the consequences were dire.

He forced his whole cock into her mouth and released a low moan, “You’re not going to make it in less than a minute by bitching,” he canceled her objection as if it meant nothing. Ignoring her spasms, he used both hands to move her head up and down his shaft, face-fucking her.

He went on and on for a few minutes, moaning at the pleasure his toy was giving him, “See what you can do when you put your heart to it, Toy.”

He released her head

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Notes Dedicated to my beloved Luna
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