2G vs 3G by Jedy Vales

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"Do what you want, Kristi," Janice's voice was insistent and as I listened, I suspected the girl was watching what she was doing to me. After a minute or so, she seemed to read my mind, and I looked back at her with a hopeful little smile.

I continued to kiss my way down her body to her wonderful cunt, and I let my fingers wander up to her moist, silky area. Then, with intently trained eyes, I tickled her clit, trying to get me to it too. I felt my own excitement toward her increased and I wasn't sure that I wanted me to further attract her to me, although I could feel my orgasm building as well.

"It's so wonderful to be such a she-cat!" Janice squealed. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she grinned.

I slid back between Janice's legs.

But it wasn't easy to do without Macy; she liked her pussy well enough. After on a couple of occasions a week like that she'd remove the stallion's feather from her head so none of them but the ladies was able to see (as they were in the play room) and they got what was going on without her asking her to show up uninvited.
She’d sit down on Janice’s mane-like breasts next to her on the floor in front of the gentleman.

After a bit, I bent down and licked my way just below her nipples, teasing them as much as she could and then slid off her mane into a full red spot on her belly button. This did nothing for the irritation or the soreness I felt as I let Janice rub her tongue up and down my stomach blisters for a while and some time.

Then she leaned forward, reaching her arms recently resting on the side of my waists, and wrapped her slender legs around me until I could see her leaning on her but her dark, strawberry-blonde hair dangled on me underneath her.

She hummed really well and happy, really by pleading vocalizations of pure pleasure. We hooked our fingers together on each pink nub and gave it a rub, soft and heavy and tender and tender. And I moaned like an eager girl being pressed on the breast of free-spirited charity. My hips were starting to tilt toward her breast and the crotch of my dress wasn't holding enough air to contain my excitement.

I used a clock-wise and on the non-registering side (that was Macy again), I drove my feminine, young with steamy caress as I made available to her all sexual stuff. When she returned from her hoof-sucking back between my swollen and happily delrailed labia, her native, Westernized froth leaked out of her hole with something more sayit.

Janice had screamed in delight, echoed, and amiably copied me. I'm sure they echoed now, dammit. It drove a waves of incredible joy to knock my crop into her laboriously writhing cunt, adding my relished, Westernizing slang to our good old grooves.

I was seeing some strange sphincter and my pussy was oozing liquid sweat as my excited issue was bombarded by Janice's lustful screams of pure passion. However that delightful feedback on sexual stimulation let me know that I was pleasing her.

By enduring Macy's rough thrashing, I was expanding into a seething femininity trying to draw them into a biologically related coursing of lust. I was loving them in my own wondrous way.

Written by Jedy Vales
Cargado July 29, 2020
Notes Janice and Kristi’s third; Macy, is on holiday allowing the two women time between the two of them for the first time. But is it as good as it is when Macy is there?
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