Secret Rendezvous

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“When can I see you?” Kari’s phone lite up with a message.
“I don’t know. My husband has been following me again,” she responded and then deleted the message.
“Ex-Husband,” Another message appeared on her phone.
“Not yet. Ever since I filled for divorce he’s gotten more psycho. I think if he knew I was even talking to you he would kill you,” she responded and deleted the message again.
“You’re worth the risk,” a message appeared on her phone. She smiled. His attention brought brightened her gloomy day a little. Kari walked over to the window and looked outside, peering through blinds. There he was. Her soon to be ex-husband. Drug dealing sleaze ball. He was sitting in his blue pickup truck. He would look around the neighborhood and scan the house. She darted away from the window before he could make eye contact with her.
This was her routine. For days? Weeks now. Hiding in her house from a psychotic. Her only pleasure being a few random messages from a man she barely knew but talked to her like she was some kind of princess.
He would tell her how beautiful she was. Even the little things like asking how her day was going made her feel important. Things she hadn’t felt in years.
She thought about this man. What she would let him do to her.
Anything. There would be no limitations with him. Every carnal desire he had she would fulfill. Happily. Excitedly.
Kari lay in her bed, thinking of this man. Thinking of what he would do to her. She closed her eyes and brushed away the blonde hair from her face. Her mind raced. What would he do to her? She wondered. Her hand slowly slide down her stomach and began to pull up the t-shirt she was wearing. Pulling it above her waist. Baring her vagina. She took her free hand and slowly began to push on her clit. Running her fingers in a circle motion over it. Letting the sensation run though her entire body.
Her legs began to move around the bed as she played with herself.
Then a familiar beep from her phone went off.
“God damn it,” she said. She turned over to look at it. It was another message. From him.
“I have an idea,” he wrote.
“Yeah?” she said, her finger found itself on her clit again. Slowly make circles on it as he waited for her response.
“Go to the mall,” he said.
“Why?” she asked wondering what that could do with anything.
“Park at one exit,” he wrote. “I’ll have a car waiting for you at another. If he follows you can wait for you all day at the mall. The other car can bring you to me. He will never know.”
“I don’t know. It’s a big risk,” she wrote.
“Do it,” was is reply.
She laid in bed. She closed her eyes and wondered what she should do. She lay there for a moment; as her fingers still played with her sensitive clit. Pushing it down and moving it around and around. She could feel her juices start to trickle down her body.
“Fuck it,” she said jumping out of bed and putting on pants and a shirt.
Kari had a car pick her up. She didn’t know how long she would be gone but she didn’t want to leave her car at the mall for hours. She watched in the rear view mirror as they pulled away from her house. Behind her, her husband’s truck began to trail them. She smiled at the idea of wasting his time. Keeping him at the mall all day while she had a secret rendezvous with her mysterious new friend.
They pulled into the mall parking lot, she got out and stood next to her car. Offering a tip in cash. She could have tipped the driver with her phone but she wanted him to see her. She wanted him to know where she was. Or where he thought she would.
She handed her driver the cash and then pulled out her phone. She scanned the parking lot but didn’t see her husband’s truck. Did they lose him? Was he on to their scheme? Was he going to be waiting at the same exit she would choose to leave him at?
“I’m here,” she texted him. She looked around the parking lot again while waiting for a reply. Then she noticed his blue truck sitting a few rows back. He was in the truck looking right at her.
“A car will be waiting outside the food court,” a new message read.
She entered the mall and began to walk past the stores. She darted into a video game store, just in case he decided to get out and trailer her on photo. She pretended to look at the super hero action figures her perpetually virgin cousin would spend his money while glancing out the window. She waited a few moments, then he walked past.
Please don’t see me,” she thought. He kept walking. He didn’t think to look for her in here. Kari went over the video game display and began to peruse them. Randomly picking up a box and then putting it back down. She did this for about five minutes until she was sure it was safe.
She exited the game store and looked down the mall. She didn’t see him. She turned and began walking the other way. Toward the escalator. She took the escalator to the second store and began to make her way to the food court.
She kept glancing down to the lower level and the level she was on. Nothing. Up ahead was another escalator and to the right was the food court. And just beyond that was the exit, she could see a red car sitting outside the door.
She almost began running to the exit but decided it would be a bad idea. She could feel herself got damp as she tried to walk at a casual pace. The idea of being in that man’s arms caused her womanly juices to run. She was about half way through the food court. She took one glance behind her.
She saw her husband! He was riding the escalator. They looked eyes and he shot her daggers. He got to the top of escalator and began making his way to her. He picked up speed, darting around people as he perused her.
Kari quickly darted out of the mall, she ran over to the waiting car and climbed in. It took a few seconds for the driver to confirm it was her but soon they were off.
Kari turned her head and looked back to see her husband looking around franticly for her. He didn’t see her

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