Something New (Circle of Deceit Chapter 1)

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She felt the calloused hand as it glided roughly over her sensitive nipples. Tweaking and twisting the delicate buds until they hardened in pleasure. The butterflies in her belly were fluttering wildly and her breathing was becoming more and more erratic with each and every teasing touch of his masterful fingers.
His digits slipped from her nipples and down over her belly and oh so close to the apex of her thighs. She tensed in anticipation, wanting and needing to feel his fingers on her swelling core, but his sweet sweet touch disappeared leaving her breathless once again.
“Please, I need more. Just touch me. Please!” She begged, her voice was ragged with lust. She’d never begged before, but today she was shameless.
“Shhhh. No begging, you know the rules, I’ll give you what you need.” His voice was deep with a hint of darkness that made her body shiver and her core pulsate.
Never in a million years did Raquel Vincent, a counselor from small town USA, would’ve ever thought that she of all people would be in this situation. Her naked body splayed open on display. Her hands and legs were secured to the bed tightly with silk ties. Her vision was purged into darkness, obscured by a black satin blindfold.
Because of the darkness, Raquel’s senses were on high alert. Her heart raced, pulse pounded loudly in her ears, and best of all she felt every delicious touch of the masculine hand playing her body like an instrument. Her pussy ached in anticipation of being touched; it clenched in and out waiting to be filled. Although the excitement she was feeling was undeniable, the need for control sizzled just beneath the surface. However, she knew what she’d signed up for; she agreed to relinquish control.
Giving up control was new for Raquel, she wouldn’t necessarily characterize herself as a go with the flow type of person. She wasn’t at all adventurous, especially in the bedroom. However, in the last year her and her husband, Alexander had been trying new things to spice up their nearly twelve-year marriage. He had convinced her that letting go and having fun sexually wasn’t a bad thing, and as a married couple they needed to try new things.
However, her being tied to a bed and dominated hadn’t ever crossed her mind in the past. It wasn’t like her to fantasize about such things. Now, Raquel wasn’t a prude or even uptight about sex, she just considered herself traditional.
The feel of his wet tongue licking its way down the valley of her breast brought her out of her thoughts and back to her current predicament. Her back arched off the bed and her moan was torturously low. Raquel pulled at her restraints trying to get closer to his mouth when he once again pulled it away from her. She huffed in frustration at his teasing chuckle.
“Now now, you’re so eager. I’ve already tied your hands and legs, but you still insist on trying to move that delectable body to entice me.” He tsked, and even though Raquel couldn’t see his gorgeous face, she knew that a smirk covered those tempting kissable lips of his.
“You said you would give me what I wanted.” She could hear the whine in her voice, but she couldn’t help herself. The hot flames of her desire was burning her from the inside out.
“No. I said I would give you what you needed.” Raquel could hear the amusement in his voice and if she wasn’t so horny she would’ve cussed him out.
“What I need is your mouth on my pussy.” She boldly growled as she tilted her pelvis up off the bed. The naughty words that flowed from her mouth would’ve shocked her in the past, but tonight she was a wanton woman out to be satisfied.

Written by Kasey Martin
Cargado June 22, 2020
Notes Circle of Deceit by Kasey Martin
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