A new couple discovers pleasure in each other.

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I have been dating Sean for a few weeks now. We met online, had a few phone calls and really clicked. At first I was hesitant in meeting with the health restrictions, and with no where to go our 1st date wouldn't be the normal cafe or restaurant. My biggest fear was that we wouldn't have chemistry in person the way we did on the phone. After a few more phone calls, we decided I would drive to his neighborhood and we would go for a walk. Yes, I realize going to his location wasn't the smartest idea, but my gut told me I would be fine, and I was...obviously.

I'll save you the details of the awkward first date. Good convo, good wine, good kisser. Ever since, we see each other a few times a week when our schedules allow. At the beginning I told him I had a lil kink in me. I enjoy being bound, blindfolded, and teased/denied. Sean was totally on board. The first time we had sex was the perfect combo of getting to know each other and satisfaction. We had been going at it pretty hot and heavy on his couch when we decided to move it to the bedroom. We were shedding clothes as we walked down the hall. I turned to face him and he simultaneously kissed me and pushed me back on the bed. He stood there like a lion surveying his prey. "Move back" he growled. I scooted backwards on the bed and he lifted my leg. He began to kiss his way up my thigh, never breaking eye contact. He moved up to my pelvis, avoiding all the sensitive areas, then my stomach, between my breasts and then resting his body against mine, our mouths met. A fire had been set and was quite ablaze. Our hands explored each other's bodies as our tongues danced. I felt his hardness between my legs. He broke the kiss and began to slither back down my body. He stopped and took my breast into his mouth. At first he took my nipple in to his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. Then, to my delight, he playfully nibbled at it. He moved to the other doing the same thing. The only way I can describe the sound that escaped my lips was an aroused giggle. He release my nipple and continued his descent. He nibbled again right above my hip bone and I yelped. He looked up at me with a devious smile and kissed the same spot.

With a hand on each thigh, he pushed my legs apart. In one fell swoop he licked at my juices and I felt like I would erupt. He spread my legs as far as they would go, gaining full access to my wanting pussy. He spread my lips wide and dove right in to my slit. I could feel his nose pressed against my clit and the pressure combined with the actions of his tongue were electrifying. After a few minutes, he finally gave my clit so much deserved attention. His tongue found it like a dart to a bullseye. He flicked and sucked with such skill that I was writhing on the bed, my hands tangled in his hair. Every time my legs relaxed, he would push them farther apart. When I would start moving my hips, he would dig his fingers in to stop me. He enjoyed being in control.

"I can't hold on....I'm cumming." I had reached my breaking point. He hummed something and it felt like something inside me exploded at that moment. My back arched, my fingers pulled at his hair and I lost my breath. I couldn't move....but his tongue kept going. "No more, please" I begged, but he was relentless. Sean reached his hand up and squeezed my nipples at the same time sucking my clit. I immediately came again. Finally, he eased up and I could feel him licking my juices his hands gently trailed down my body. Both out of breath, he crawled up and kissed me. I was dazed and content, so I didn't realize he had grabbed both my wrists in one of his hands.

As we kissed, and I tasted myself on his tongue, he pinned my hands above my head. He thrust himself into me, my wetness easing his entry. He broke the kiss but kept thrusting into me. I couldn't catch my breath. I wanted to touch him, grab his hair and pull his face to mine. I wanted to dig my nails in his back and urge him to go faster, but I couldn't, I was at his mercy and I loved it. The only control I had was wrapping my legs around him and meeting his every thrust. He bent down and bit my earlobe. The combination of not having my hands, his quickening breath in my ear, our bodies rubbing on each other was exquisite.

"Please" I begged him.

He slowed down his pace, but my ankles were locked behind his back so he wasn't going anywhere. We looked into each others eyes with every ounce of lust we had. His lips met mine and he started pounding into me again. As we kissed, a guttural noise came from his throat that sent me over the edge. His mouth on mine, muffled my moans. I could feel my pussy clench around his length and with a couple more thrusts I could feel his juices mix with mine. "Oh, fuck" was all he could breathily moan as he released my wrists.

As he rolled to the right, I felt him slip out of me. We were both spent. We laid on our backs, catching our breath, letting what happened digest. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked me straight in the eyes, "So..." and he kissed me softly on the lips..."do you still doubt we have chemistry?" And I could do nothing but laugh....

Written by brandy2122
Cargado August 29, 2020
Notes A new couple, finds pleasure in each others bodies thanks to his tongue and her wetness
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