Young Wife Shared by Black Stranger

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Yes, we married young. I’ve been told this a hundred times. “It’ll never last.” “You’ll be divorced in a year.”

They’re wrong. It’s been five years, and my husband and I are going strong. What’s our secret? Yes, we got married young… but just because we got married, doesn’t mean our sex life is over. Not even close.

My husband loves to watch me with other men. Specifically, black men. Tall, muscular black men who can easily dominate me. Lucky for my husband, I’m into the same thing.
Our latest conquest—as I like to call them—was Jerome. We were on vacation and I was wearing my tiniest bikini at the beach resort. It was hot, the margaritas were flowing, and I was horny as fuck. My husband glanced over at me and knew I was on the prowl. He let me be, giving me some space to do my thing.

It didn’t take much.

I had already caught the eye of our black server who had been bringing us our drinks all afternoon. All it took was a little crossing of my legs, a flirty glance with my sunglasses lowered, a flip of my long blond hair, a seductive smile, and poof—he accepted my invitation to meet us at the bar after his shift was over.

Did Jerome know what he was getting into? Probably. Was he surprised by a seemingly innocent white couple from the suburbs chatting him up? I doubt it. Jerome seemed the kind of guy who gets hit on regularly by all types of women, which made things much easier.

After a couple drinks I simply asked him if he’d like to come up to our hotel room. He nodded, and away we went.

Typically, my husband likes to watch me from across the room. He loves it when I slowly get undressed in front of a stranger, and I take my time in a little strip tease. I love to really get into it, putting on some sexy music and grinding my hips in the lap of a complete stranger. This afternoon, I didn’t have much in the way of clothing to remove—just my tiny blue and white striped bikini, a sheer coverup, and sandals. Instead, I suggested to Jerome we take a shower. He was all about it.

We dipped into the bathroom while my husband stood at the door. I turned around and asked Jerome to help with the ties on my bikini. His large dark hands made easy haste of the knot on my straps. I slipped my bikini top off and tossed it on the floor, then slid my bottoms down my legs.

I turned around to face Jerome. My boobs aren’t the biggest, but no guy has ever been disappointed. Jerome was no exception. He stared at my chest, a big smile on his face.
“You’re turn,” I sated.

He reached for the tie on his shorts and undid them. Down his shorts and boxers went, along with his plaid hotel uniform shirt.

“Holy shit,” I gasped.

I looked over at my husband standing by the door, grabbing at his own crotch. He’s perfectly well-suited in the size department, but nothing like this.

“Do you see this monster?”

My husband laughed.

Jerome just grinned.

I stepped into the shower, and pulled Jerome in with me.

We kissed under the water. His body was firm, and still hot from being in the sun all day. My knees started quivering as his hands moved down my body, grabbing my breasts and my ass. He pulled me onto his cock, rubbing his swollen head against my hips. I ground my body into him. I was already wet, and would’ve fucked him right there in the shower if it weren’t for protection. We always play safe.

I turned off the water and grabbed two towels. Instead of wrapping one around my body I twisted it around my hair, then headed to the bedroom, my firm, tan and completely naked body on full display. I grabbed my husband on the way out and thrust my tongue in his mouth with a huge kiss.

“You good?” I asked.

He nodded. It’s always our rule to check.

I made my way to the bed and crawled on top of it. The towel fell from my hair. I pushed my ass in the air as my husband grabbed a condom and handed it to Jerome. They didn’t really speak—just a nod from my husband indicating it was totally fine to keep going.

Jerome put the condom on his enormous cock like sheathing a weapon that doesn’t fit in its case. I licked my lips and reached between my legs, teasing my clit. I knew he was going to hurt a bit. I was right.

He took hold of my hips and thrust into me. I cried out as he entered me. There was no foreplay, no talking, no getting to know you—just pure fucking.

He pulled out and launched his long black dick into me again. My body was practically coming already. I pushed my hands against the bed and thrust my hips back as he pounded me again and again. My nipples were rock hard, I could barely breath. I came from just from his first few thrusts.

He flipped me over like a rag doll and his body crushed down on top of mine. Grabbing my ankles, he spread my legs and pushed the full length of his cock into me. I screamed. It was so fucking huge.

As Jerome kept thrusting into me I came, again and again. I glanced to my husband, sitting a few feet away and stroking himself.

“Come for me,” I mouthed to him.

He pumped his cock hard and shot a long stream of come from of his cock. I came instantly watching him watching me.

We smiled at each other. Yes, this is why I was never worried about being a teen wife. I married the man of my dreams, but I didn’t give up a single thing.

I wrapped my legs around Jerome as I felt his body stiffen. He cried out then pulled out. He pulled the condom off and pumped his cock a few times with his meaty hand. His jizz sprayed all over my chest and stomach. I rubbed it into my skin as he caught his breath.
“We might have to take another shower,” I smiled.

This time, I might just let him fuck me in the shower… and maybe ask my husband to join in.

Written by Sidney Sitravon
Cargado August 17, 2020
Notes He was hot, black, and available—was there anything else needed?

My husband loves to watch me with other men. Specifically, black men. Tall, muscular black men who can easily dominate me. Lucky for my husband, I’m into the same thing.

Erotic short featuring interracial sex with a petite blonde and a black stranger.
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